What are the benefits of a private education?

By Elizabeth Summers / November 27, 2017 / No comments
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In an ever changing world, many parents are choosing private schools for their child in place of public schools. Private schools offer options from boarding schools, to alternative schools and preschools. There is a school that suits every child. Private education is about enrolling the child in a private, independent school. The kind of education you provide your child will have a huge impact on their future. Children build their foundation for learning in a school and private education offers a range of benefits for the overall development of the child. 

Benefits of private education

  1. Smaller classes: Private schools have a smaller class size which means every child will gain personal attention from the teachers. The gains from a smaller class size are stronger as a child is exposed to personal tutoring, which allows the child to grow in a carefree manner.
  2. Parental involvement: Private education offers an open channel of communication between the teachers and the parents. They make it a priority to involve the parents inside the community of the school. This keeps the parents updated about their child’s progress in school and also allows them to build connections.
  3. Excellent faculty: Private education has highly dedicated teachers who strive to bring out the best from every child. Majority parents choose private education for the dedication of the teachers. Teachers act as role models for the students, which is the reason every school is on the lookout of excellent and exceptional faculty.
  4. Safe environment: Private schools have a reputation of maintaining high standards of discipline and respect. It offers a secure and safe environment for the child to grow emotionally. A safe environment is believed to have an impact on the quality of education offered to the child. Parents are always looking to ensure that their child is in a safe environment and with the right teachers.
  5. Ample Sources: Private education offers incredible resources to the child in terms of academics, sports, art and beyond. High quality resources provide an ample opportunity of growth to the children. Breaside Preparatory School, Kent is known for the excellent facilities and resources offered for the overall development of the child. The private school has a strong work ethic and an enriching learning environment.
  6. Extracurricular activities: Good private schools offer immense opportunities for the child to excel in their subject of activity. Any involvement in activities helps the students stimulate in their studies. Quality education is not limited to the curriculum; it involves the overall development of the personality of a child.

Breaside Preparatory School, Kent is a highly preferred private school for families residing in Kent. The school supports extracurricular activities as much as academics and involves the parents in every activity of their child. It also helps build stronger parent-child relationships and allows the child to express their ideas and thoughts. The school has subject specialist teachers and has a proven record of high academic results. The private school ensures that the child enjoys inside and outside the classroom.