What makes a great private school?

By Elizabeth Summers / November 27, 2017 / No comments
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If you are considering sending your child to a private school, you need to be aware about the differences in a private school and a public school and learn about the benefits of the same. A private school does not become successful or great with a high number of students; various factors make the school what it is. As a parent, it is important to thoroughly learn about the private school and what makes it stand out.

Various private schools are coming up with each passing day. Parents are keen on sending their child to the best school for excellent education. Every parent should take keen interest in the school, its history and its achievements, before making a decision to admit the child in a particular independent school.

Five factors make a private school great. These are:

  1. Teacher support: Teachers are the backbone of a school and excellent faculty is exactly what parents are looking for. A robust teacher support will help the child learn and accept the school in every manner. Teachers make a school and private schools are known for hiring the best teachers from across the globe.
  2. Active family engagement: Every school needs to involve parents in different activities in order to ensure that they are satisfied with their services. Involving parents into the school will also help build stronger parent-child relationships and parents will be able to see the progress of their child.
  3. Strong social and emotional student growth: Great schools provide emotional and social support to the children without judging them or criticizing their decisions. Schools prepare the children to face the world and every child requires emotional support throughout their years of growing up.
  4. Facilities: Every parent looks for exceptional facilities in the private school. The school should have a child friendly environment in addition to providing unique facilities that help the child adjust and enjoy the process of learning. Located in Northampton, Quinton House School is a private school which offers excellent curriculum and co-curricular activities to the child. It offers the right environment to the child and offers learning in a beautiful listed building.
  5. Curriculum: Schools are divided based on the curriculum offered by them. Parents look at the curriculum before admitting their child in a particular school. An extensive curriculum which prepares the child for the global world is ideal for your child.

No school becomes great by simply providing the best facilities. Schools need to stand up to the expectations of the parents and deliver higher results. The school should help build the emotional and social skills of the child in addition to providing higher academic knowledge.

Quinton House School has molded the future of many children and has excellent results which speak for themselves. The school has a friendly environment with teachers who constantly encourage the child to be themselves and work on their strengths. Students learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect, support and appreciation of the teachers.