3 Ways to Teach Patriotism to Your Kids

By Elizabeth Summers / January 27, 2018 / No comments
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As of late, patriotism has been under heavy fire. A lot of schools in the United States no longer even say the Pledge of Allegiance. Veterans in many countries are treated with a mild neglect, and more and more young people think voting is more of a joke than a process that actually works.

No matter what country you are from, it’s vital that the people support their country and countrymen. A country without patriotism is like a sports team without cheerleaders. It didn’t matter if we liked the way the coach did his job or if we were fans of certain athletes on the team. If you attended the school for that team, that’s where your support went.

Likewise, you don’t have to like the way your leader runs the country or even care for the members of the government. However, if you live in that country, you should back your country and the team that represents it and your children should learn that from you. Here’s how.


The history of a country is vital to understanding what that country is built on. It is the story of the birth of a people with their own ideas and culture. Whether they were built on the back of slaves or the blood of fallen soldiers, each country went through a journey to get here. Most of the time, it was a dark one.

Teach your children how the country they call home was conceived and birthed into the world. Share with them the battles, political and physical, that your country fought to get where it is now. Support their teachers at school when as they teach the same history.

This shows your children that how they feel about the country they live in isn’t only important to you, but to other authority figures in their life. If you happen to be a veteran, share some of your personal experiences with your kids and/or grandkids.


How many of you ever heard the saying, “If you don’t vote, don’t complain?” It’s the truth. The countries on this planet that elect their officials by popular vote are offering a privilege they really don’t have to.

Many people fought and died for that privilege and in countries like the U.S.A., that right was only given to women less than a hundred years ago. In some countries, women still don’t enjoy that right.

The best way to teach your children about patriotism through voting is to exercise your right to vote. Take them with you to the polls and explain the process every time you do it. They may get tired of hearing the same thing over and over, but they will remember it and teach their children someday.

Fly The Flag

Recently, in the United States, there was a story of a veteran who lived in a trailer park. He decided to fly the colors of the American flag on the outside of his mobile home, the symbol of the country he fought for and was proud to be a member of, and was asked to take it down because it violated the park regulations.

The flag of a country is its banner. It’s the way you announce to the world who you represent. It should be a symbol of honor and inspiration, but the corrupted morals of today’s cynical world are blinding our children from seeing the respect and power that the country flag calls forth.

This downplay is encouraged by people who think the best way to rebel against a country’s government is to step on and burn the symbol of the very country they still live in. Only 16 countries have made it illegal to deface their country’s flag. Show your children the importance of patriotism by proudly flying your country’s colors where you can. It would be ideal to look at something like this monster flagpole for sale to reiterate the importance of your patriotism to your family and others, this could be a fantastic way to start trying to pass the same patriotism onto your children too.

Patriotism is getting lost among the thorns of everyday life. Take your children back to roots of your country and cultivate patriotism in their heart of hearts.