6 Ways to Enjoy Aging

By Elizabeth Summers / January 24, 2020 / No comments
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You’ve probably heard advice from your doctor about how to age gracefully: wear sunscreen, eat right, exercise regularly, and don’t smoke. Now, there’s even more promising research indicating that one day, klotho therapy may help slow the aging process and prevent dementia.


While these therapies are a great step forward in slowing the aging process, it is also important to live a fun and meaningful life, even as you grow older. Regardless of whether or not you find yourself in an assisted living facility or in your own home, there are many opportunities for you to enjoy your life to the fullest as you age. In this article, we’ll uncover some of the many ways that you can enjoy your golden years.


  1. Write a Bucket List


Bucket lists might sound like a premise for cheesy movies, but for good reason. Sit down and think about what you’d really love to do, see and accomplish during your lifetime. See the Eiffel Tower? Learn Japanese? Ride a rollercoaster? Take a pottery class?


If you have a partner, it can be fun to create a list like this together, but crafting one that’s just for you can be a very empowering, independent experience. It can give you the motivation you need to start checking things off the list with purpose.


  1. Cash in Those Frequent Flyer Miles


Frequent flyer miles are becoming less and less valuable every day, so there’s no time like now to cash them in. You may be surprised by how many you’ve accumulated over the years. Whether you turn those rewards into a quick flight to see your grandchildren or a first-class ticket to Australia, you’re bound to have the trip of a lifetime.


If you don’t have enough miles to redeem a flight, you can likely still trade in miles for a ton of other fun things, like a new magazine subscription or a staycation at a swanky hotel nearby.


  1. Keep Your Calendar Full


Every time you bump into an old friend, be intentional about making plans to spend time together. Start making an effort to do all of the little things you never had time to do before. Go see movies. Take yourself out to dinner. Make pasta from scratch. Relish your free time by filling it with the things and the people you love.


  1. Volunteer Your Time


Giving back isn’t just for othersit’ll make you feel good, too. Volunteering for a cause you believe in or a place you love will make you feel even better. Whether you volunteer for a charitable organization or at a children’s museum, you’ll get a chance to do something meaningful, socialize and have a little fun.


  1. Clean Out Your Home


Cleaning and organizing isn’t fun for everyone. But it sure feels good when you’re done. A tidy household is a happy one, and studies show that decluttering helps us destress. Even if you just choose a handful of books to give away, you’ll reap the benefits right away.


  1. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town


Yes, travelling the world is an adventure … but what about doing something amazing, right now? You could get out there and see the world today! Check out a local museum you’ve never visited or take a drive through a suburb you’ve never seen.


After all, the art of aging gracefully isn’t just about taking care of yourselfit’s also about having fun. Hopefully one day things like klotho therapy will slow down how quickly we age. Until then, embrace these ways to keep aging fun and productive.