I guess you could say I lead a blissful existence. Plymouth is a great coastal city, I’ve got a great husband and two beautiful kids, and, to top it all off, I’ve got a writing career going. Not bad, is it? Not that I would like to be bragging! Actually, I am very grateful and feel immensely privileged.

A Bit of History

My childhood was equally blessed, although, at times, I was a bit of a tear-away. School didn’t suit me that well, I was too restless and not particularly interested in academic endeavours. Except for English and history, perhaps. There I lit up and was able to sit still, no wonder I ended up becoming a storyteller.

Thankfully, my mother was a stay-at-home parent. She had such a strong presence, was always there when we needed her without ever crowding us or trying to shape us in any particular way. On more than one occasion, I returned home with poor test results, and she would always say: “Don’t worry, the questions mustn’t have suited you this time.” She rarely got cross and was always keen to have fun with us. My father was a grafter, worked hard to provide us with a good life and make sure we would all be able to attend university.

After doing my A-Levels, I went to university with little ambition because I hadn’t like school very much. Much to my surprise, the freedom of college life suited me perfectly. Finally, I was learning about stuff that fascinated me, and my ambition was awakened.

Ultimately, it was joining a writers’ group that shaped my current life. I had decided to try all sorts of societies and clubs and instantly fell in love with writing.


My restlessness all but vanished when I started writing. Somehow, I could channel all my thoughts into my writing. I became far happier and calmer and didn’t feel like I was at odds with the world any longer.

Today, I cannot imagine a life without writing, I was even scribbling down stuff in the middle of breastfeeding when I became a mum first. My husband is very supportive. As an architect, he shares my love of creativity, and we complement each other well.

We met during college, quickly fell in love, however, he moved away for a couple of years, and we only really got it together in my late twenties. Once we did, everything happened very fast. A quick wedding, pregnancy immediately after, and this is where we still are, except we now have two children and live in our own house in Plymouth.

My Books and This Website

Ever since joining the writers’ group I have been writing poetry, prose, and since the birth of my kids, parenting books. At this point, I am a published author. My latest work is my eBook “Enjoying Motherhood”, and you can order a copy of it here.

Once the children were born I realised how much inspiration they would provide. Initially, I just wanted to keep a “Mummy Diary” and record all the milestones in the children’s lives. Somehow, that didn’t ease my writer’s itch, and that’s why I started this website.

Here, I can publish funny stories, interesting facts or news and cover whatever topic takes my fancy on any particular day.

Judging from the strong following I have built up over the years, this website is top-notch, which makes me incredibly proud.

Naturally, as a stay-at-home parent, I am eager for any adult conversation, and that’s where the website has really come into its own. Not only do I get to chat with people from all over the world, but I also learn new things every day.

Have a look around and do get in touch!