Online advertising is enormously important these days, however, I do understand if you have some reservations. I have them too! On many websites, ads clutter the content to such an extent that reading the site becomes a rather arduous task.

When I initially received advertising requests, I was extremely reluctant to get involved because I was afraid the ads would suffocate my content and make a visit to this site highly unpleasant. Granted, I could just have taken the advertising revenue and thought nothing more of it, however, as a writer, the content is still king.

The requests kept coming in, however, so I decided to invest the time to find a way of making advertising work for all involved. After lengthy discussions with other bloggers, I finally crafted a number of advertising packages. Unsure of whether these packages would be of interest to potential advertisers, I sent them out regardless, to get a reaction, if nothing else.

Much to my surprise, advertisers appreciated my point of view and agreed that the reader is ultimately the most important party. Without readers, the website crumbles and advertisers lose money.

Reader and Content Focused Advertising

Basically, I only publish ads that bear some relevance to the content of my website. I also only publish ads beside content and not in the middle of it. No ad must ever dominate the page, instead, I consider ads to be a valuable extension of the content here.

If you provide products or services for parents or writers, this is a good place for you. I carefully select the best location for your ad, preferably alongside highly relevant posts. Banner ads are also available, and you may also avail of ad design and social media advertising packages.

Most importantly, your products and services must be of interest to my 14’000 unique monthly visitors. The vast majority of them are seeking advice on writing or parenting. Any product or service in support thereof would make a valuable addition to the content.

The Process

Once we’ve established that we are a fit, I will send you an information package on all the different options. You can then define your objectives and together, we choose the most suitable package for you.

You may submit a readily-designed ad or leave the creation of a strong ad to my design team. We then discuss placement and select a publication date.

As soon as your ad goes live, we monitor its performance in an effort to ensure you get a sizeable return on investment. Your objectives are of paramount importance to me because I am interested in working with you on a long-term basis.

Positive Reader Feedback – Excellent Results for Advertisers

My rather strict guidelines have worked. My readers appreciate my advertising strategy and extend their trust to the businesses that do advertise here.

So far, all my advertisers have been extremely happy with the results of their campaign, and I am confident of providing you with top-quality advertising options.

To find out more, message me using the form below. I look forward to exploring the various options and building a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership.