All the Essential Supports for the Perfect Shipping to Pakistan Now

By Elizabeth Summers / May 11, 2018 / No comments
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People are used to not think about things that seem simple. What can be easier than dialing a courier service number, or order an online courier? We believe that it is enough to call, as soon as the dispatcher will transfer our order, and the quickest possible one will be near the front door.

In fact, courier delivery of a parcel is a complex and very labor-intensive process. It involves a huge number of resources ranging from various software used to manage the warehouse to the trucking companies (have a peek at this website for instance) that can deliver the goods intact. Despite its apparent simplicity, the functioning of this service is not possible without the coherence of all the scheme of the courier delivery service processes that occur after receipt of the application. Naturally, the number of such stages depends on the scale of the company and the type of delivery. For Shipping to Pakistan from UK the following stages come:

Stages of courier delivery

Delivery of documentation or parcels is not only the responsibility of the reputed courier service but also the sender himself. They might do their job perfectly fine. But, if you provide them with wrong information or inadequate ones, you can’t put the blame on them. After all, if you look at the stages of delivery of parcels, then a significant part of the preparation (packaging, generating address, and control over delivery) rests on the shoulders of the customer

The work of the courier company begins with the sender’s initiative, namely, with the reference to the delivery service. The order, coming to the dispatcher, is transferred to the free courier. As a rule, this happens automatically thanks to the CRM-system. Also, with the help of automated systems and other technological advancements, the logistics department maps out the shortest delivery path. The courier has to confirm the order and leave the parcel.

In parallel with the departure of the courier, the second stage takes place – the formation of the recipient’s address and the packing of the parcel. These two processes are performed by the customer. Of course, at the request of the sender, the parcel can already be packed in the warehouse (for international or long-distance shipments). Also at the stage of sending the parcel, the delivery terms are agreed upon.

After the arrival of the courier, the third step begins – directly delivery of the parcel. During transportation, the courier is obliged to follow the route compiled by the system, since it takes into account the traffic congestion and the condition of the road surface. In emergency situations, such as traffic jams or accidents, the driver can independently change the route. The completion of the third stage of delivery is the delivery of the parcel to the recipient. When accepting a parcel, the recipient must necessarily sign in the form and invoice. These documents are the basic documents when preparing a delivery report. With ParcelABC the options get much better.

The last step before closing a delivery order is a report to the sender. With the introduction of the Internet, reports are increasingly sent to e-mail.

This document contains:

  • number and date of the order;
  • date and time of delivery;
  • Full name of the recipient (the person who signed the form);
  • Cost of delivery.

Receiving such a document by mail, it is recommended to check the presence of all the requisites. In the event of a debate, it is this document that can be the basis for compensation for moral damage.