The internet has transformed to life of a writer completely, particularly for writers of fact rather than fiction. Even fiction writers no longer rely on the approval of publishing companies to expose their work to the world.

Online, you can publish anything you like. While some lament the lack of quality writing, many readers and writers have recognized the countless opportunities the internet has showered writers with. If you want to write and make a bit of money, you can! Full stop!

Let’s just go through some of the new opportunities for writers, perhaps you’ll find something of interest.

Try the Traditional Route

You can go the traditional route, write a novel, submit your own work or submit through an agent. This route is a difficult as it has ever been and requires lots of talent and tenacity. If you want to try your hand a journalism, the task is similarly tricky, especially in view of the tough competition.

Online, you can find lots of useful “how to get published”-type articles and sign up to blogs dealing with this topic.

Publish a Novel with Amazon

Embarking on the journey of writing a novel involves several key steps. Begin by crafting a compelling plot that captivates readers and sustains interest. Develop an INTJ or INFJ Character with depth, considering their motivations and arcs to create a connection with your audience. Build a vivid setting that enhances the narrative, immersing readers in the world you’ve envisioned. Once your novel is complete, you have choices for publication – opt for the traditional route through literary agents or submit your work directly. Regardless of the path you choose, the foundation lies in a well-crafted plot, rich characters, and a captivating setting that brings your story to life.

Sign Up with Writing Agencies

A quick Google search will guide you to numerous writing platforms. Some of them make you complete a writing test while others accept just about everyone. Once you’ve signed up, you can start pitching for a wide variety of jobs. There is plenty of work out there, however, a lot of the assignments are badly paid.

Achieving excellence in any professional role necessitates continuous upskilling. Try to improve your writing and take online courses in areas such as SEO, copywriting, etc. Over time, your experience and know-how will allow you to choose only the best jobs and make plenty of money. If you write fiction, experiment with different styles of writing, create different characters, try using third person point of view, try subverting different tropes, and just have fun with the story. Experimenting with writing rules could give you a unique product that’s entirely your own, so keep playing around with your writing until you find something that resonates with you as a writer.

Start a Blog, Build a Following, Sell Advertising Space

Starting a blog and gradually building a following is a more lucrative road in the long run, although, success doesn’t come overnight. You will have to write strong content, preferably on a topic you love, share it on Facebook and all other social media platforms, and use any software tool available to you to draw more subscriptions. Again, with a bit of research and patience, this route can prove quite profitable. As soon as you have a strong following, you can sell advertising space or join affiliate programs.

Set Up a Content Curation Website

Content curation is the new kid on the block for writers. In essence, you write blog posts, articles, training manuals, and a plethora of other content for businesses. Undoubtedly, this is the most profitable route because you cut out the writing platform and charge businesses directly for your services. By all accounts, you can make a nice bit of cash on an ongoing basis this way.

Write Frequently and Get Your Name out There

The more ubiquitous your work, the better the chances of getting more work. Don’t be afraid to charge for your work. Never miss deadlines, always check your grammar and spelling, stick to your client’s brief, and take instructions graciously. With every word you write, you’ll improve while also having the pleasure of learning in the process.

Researching your topics in advance of writing a piece is also vital. If you are particularly knowledgeable on a subject, offer your services to clients in need of such expertise.