Can Christians Use Psychics?

By Elizabeth Summers / September 28, 2018 / No comments
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It is an interesting topic of debate as to whether Christians can use psychics. Many Christians believe that no one who believes in Christianity should use psychics, fortunetellers or read tarot cards and horoscopes. The Bible condemns the use of these practices as they are based on other Gods, spirits and deceased loved ones giving advice and guidance. Conversely, there is a number of emerging Christian psychics that believe in the use of spirituality whilst still being religious. To some Christians it is a sin and to other it is a way of life.

The Bible

Christians are people who follow Christianity, a religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Bible is a sacred book full of texts, poems, songs and history and is known as Gods words. Christian’s follow and take what they read from the Bible and use it in everyday life. It allows religious followers to have an understanding of God through his words and have faith in Jesus Christ.

The Bible condemns all activities relating to spirituality including fortunetellers, tarot cards, palm readings and psychics. It states how these activities are based on Gods, spirits and deceased loved ones giving guidance and advice however the Bible believes that Gods and spirits are demons and deceased ones cannot contact us. Many Christians believe that ‘true’ Christians would not believe in spirituality because dead people would either be in heaven or hell and thus not contacting the real world. Furthermore, non-spiritual believers because that if loved ones can’t contact them then there is no way that psychics and fortunetellers can get accurate information.

Christians Using Psychics

There are many Christians that believe in spirituality and the use of psychics. Spiritual Christians believe that deep analysis and the true meanings of the Bible texts show that healing and psychic powers are natural and can be used for the good of all people. Many people do not believe in the communication with the dead however paranormal experience and visits from loved ones often occur to Christians. Ghosts and angels are a common theme in the Bible showing evidence for the visits from deceased loved ones.

Christians can use psychics if they choose to understand the experience of the spirit world and how they are the work of God. The Bible does not like the use of physics and spiritual activities however when this is examined further, they often mask the true meanings of the texts. The Bible shows how God wants to encourage everyone to use their gifts to help others and this can be through the use of spirituality.

It’s Up To You

Although I am not religious or spiritual, I would believe in the use of psychics for Christians. There are plenty debates for both sides of the argument however the evidence for the use of psychics seems more favourable. As long as the world of spirituality and use of their activities is done with the right intention and whilst taking into consideration the Christian religion, no one should be told to stop their exploration into the spirit world.