Choosing Your Child’s Next Bed

By Elizabeth Summers / December 8, 2017 / No comments
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Beds are where we rest our heads at night and the primary places where a child’s imagination flourishes. If you think it’s important for an adult to get a good night’s sleep, that goes double for a growing child, who needs even more than the eight hours a night grownups should aim for. The right bed will help them learn and grow, but it’s important to know what your options are.

The classic bunk bed can serve as a handy home base for your kids. Preferably, you want a setup that lets you use each one as single beds if you choose, although since the main reason you’ll likely want a bunk bed is to maximize bedroom space, safety is the primary consideration. You’ll want one with a top bunk rail to avoid the more active-sleeping kids rolling out of bed, although you’re going to want to figure out a way around the inevitable, “Who gets the top bunk” arguments as well. Coin toss?

Cot beds are a good transition from the infant crib to a more normal-sized mattress and bed. They often resemble cribs and have removable sides so that they resemble regular beds. It’s recommended that you go for a durable frame for your child’s cot bed, as they often like bouncing on their springier surface, especially if you’re planning on passing the cot bed down.

A straightforward junior bed can be a good choice for a single-child bedroom, and if chosen with a thought to your child’s height and growth spurts, can last them for some years to come. While asking your child what kind of design they want is the best way to go, a racecar design for boys or a princess for girls are pretty safe bets. You can also have a decoration on the headboard only, that can be covered up later if need be.

Loft beds are basically bunk beds with one single bed on top. Space underneath is used for storage as opposed to another sleeping surface. The room this saves can be instrumental in creating a good-sized area for your child to play or get dressed. Cabin beds are another popular choice, as the storage space underneath is again useful, though they don’t go up as high as loft beds. Cabin beds can be a bit pricey if your child outgrows them quickly, but they create such an inviting play atmosphere with easy access to the storage space from the bed, some even incorporating more space near the headboard, that they’re still a worthwhile choice.

While it would be a waste of money to buy a growing child a queen-sized bed, there are so many varieties that finding one that fits your family’s need shouldn’t be too difficult.