Christmas themed activities for secondary school English

By Elizabeth Summers / November 29, 2018 / No comments
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The Christmas holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s time to start getting in to the festive spirit.

For some teachers the idea of getting Christmassy in the classroom brings joy and excitement, whilst for others it brings a feeling of dread. It can be hard to bow to the wishes of your students who are getting increasingly excited about Christmas, whilst trying to keep lessons as close to the curriculum as possible.

Luckily for teachers secretly dreading the Christmas period, teaching resource company Teachit English have created a whole range of fantastic Christmas resources that you can use.

They have produced a range of engaging resources perfect for adding a festive twist to any lesson plans, whilst keeping teachings close to the curriculum so that your students don’t miss out on vital learning.

Take a look at some of our favourites below:

  1. Christmas Advent Calendar

This advent calendar steers well clear of the chocolate versions we’ve all become accustomed to. Instead, you can teach your students about the advent tradition, whilst receiving a different teaching idea, joke or fact each day.

The advent calendar will have students engaged from the beginning of the lesson and is a great way to begin winding down for Christmas.

  1. A Christmas Carol Structured Essay Question

This resource allows the focus to remain on novels and will help develop your students structured essay writing, perfect for KS4 students. The students are given the main essay question as they would be in the exam, along with some questions and sentence starts to get them practicing.

  1. Christmas Poems

This activity is a great one off Christmas activity, focusing on the practice of poetry. This is great for refreshing student’s knowledge of different types and forms of poems, allowing students to practice their rhythm and rhyme by creating a festive poem.