Decorating Your Perfect Minimal Bathroom

By Elizabeth Summers / September 21, 2021 / No comments
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Now and again our family bathrooms need a good change, and they need to be brought into the 21st century with sleek lines and colours to bring a calming and clean vibe to the space.

If you think your bathroom is in dire need of an overhaul, we want to share with you today some of the best ways to bring some modern luxury into the home and inject something new into your living space.

While talking about bathroom redesign, it could be presumed that you may need a plumber for water connection, pipes, fixtures, etc. However, designing the bath can be something you can do with some guidance. Here are some of the ways you can create a clean and minimal bathroom design this winter.

Lay sleek floor tiles

The first way you can create a stunning minimal effect to your bathroom is by laying a new floor. You can contact Flooring Specialists and find some amazing sleek floor tiles in a dark grey colour that will add a touch of class and calm to the room. Choosing grey tones will connect the bathroom to nature and it will make the room feel more like a beautiful spa location ideal for a pamper session. You can lay a floor that is underfloor heating friendly and this can add that extra touch of class.

Choose a wide comfortable bath

When looking for the right bath for your bathroom this year, consider comfort above all else. Your bath is the main feature of the bathroom and it is a place you can escape to when you need to relax and soak the stress of the week away. Make sure to find a wide and long bath that will provide you with the perfect place to soak and relax when you need it. You can also choose a stunning copper bath or even a bath on legs to really add that air of elegance to the space.

Paint the ceiling

You might think the ceiling is the last place to give any attention to, but in a bathroom, the ceiling is critical. As steam rises, it condensates on the ceiling, causing it to become damp. If your ceiling isn’t painted properly, mould and mildew will grow, whilst cracks could also appear. Head to or a similar site that serves your area to get the ceiling painted properly, and consider the colour you want it to be. White isn’t the only option!

Find Suitable Storage Options

There is quite a bit of storage that is needed for a bathroom from dental care to cleaning supplies, so you would want this to match the design you have chosen for your bathroom. If you have cupboards it would be a great idea to find bathroom countertops in Littleton and other areas to match your bathroom theme and help to maintain the design throughout your home.

Install a vertical towel rail

One way to maximise your space in the bathroom as well as create a beautiful design element is to get rid of your old radiator and instead opt for a tall vertical towel rail and radiator. This will not only look more modern with a chrome design, but it will be the perfect place to heat your towels and keep the room warm in all seasons. You’ll also be able to hang your colourful towels or linens on here and this can be such a good way to inject some fun into your minimal place.

Tile walls with marble

Marble is the epitome of beauty and elegance in the home. If you are looking for the best possible tile style for the walls – white marble is always a winner and will make a timeless display that will never go out of style. You can opt for larger tiles for a more luxurious effect and consider adding a mosaic line in the middle of the wall to break up the design and add some design interest.

Vamp it up with coloured accessories

Brightly coloured towels, candles, and plants will be your best friends when designing the perfect bathroom. Use these items to add some colour to the room and change up the colours now and again to keep the room looking fresh.