Does a schools website impact on whether you send your child there or not?

By Elizabeth Summers / January 3, 2018 / No comments
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There are various reasons why you should send your child to a school, but given the available options, it is difficult to decide on one school for the admission of your child. Once you begin scouting for the available school options for your child in and across your area, you will come across a variety of schools that promise great education and a student friendly environment. The first form of interaction you will have with the school is through the website. Every school has a website that talks about the achievements of the students and the success story of the school. Although they carry similar information, all websites are different in a unique manner.

It is strongly believed that the website of a school impacts the decision of the parents on whether to send the child there or not. PrimarySite offers auser-friendlyy website which has a simple navigation and ensures that the parents can easily use it on different devices. How the website is built and what information it delivers, is of prominent importance here. The website should contain original and authentic information about the school which is delivered in a simple yet impactful manner. The parents should find it easier to navigate through different pages and easily search for options. With a cluttered website, parents will not be able to search for the information they are specifically looking for. Similarly, with a website that takes ages to load, on the laptop or on the mobile device, will not be visited by many. The website should have a strong homepage which welcomes parents and delivers only the important and essential information to them. There should be relevant images and a responsive homepage in order to ensure that the parents enjoy navigating through the same.

PrimarySite understands the needs of the schools and trusts and builds websites that help parents easily connect with the school. A great school website will leave a strong impression on the parents and they will be half convinced about the greatness of the school. The website should also be updated from time to time with the latest event calendar and progress of the school. Parents are not looking to read up on information which is dated five years back. In addition, the images on the homepage should also be updated from time to time in order to provide information to the parents about the latest events. Schools should have a website which is actually useful to the parents and the teachers. The website should not carry unnecessary information that makes no sense to either party.

Choosing a school for their child is a strong and significant decision which is taken by the parents and they base this decision on a variety of aspects, the school website being one of them. If they are impressed with the school website, they will be eager to learn more or visit the school before making a decision. Impress the parents with a great and useful school website.