Do’s and Don’ts For Planning A Baby Shower For An Expectant Mum

By Elizabeth Summers / March 9, 2018 / No comments
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You might have been asked to organise a baby shower, or volunteered to be the one, and with such an important event, you want to be sure to deliver. All your friends will be there, and indeed can be enlisted to help with the planning, and with that in mind, here are some do’s and don’ts for arranging a baby shower.

  • Do Talk To The Guest of Honour – This makes things so much easier, as once you know that she herself approves, the rest is downhill. Once you have agreed on a theme, simply go online and source a supplier, and whether you’re looking for baby gifts in Australia, or any other country, a simple Google search will have you sorted.
  • Don’t Leave Things to The Last Minute – We are all very busy, what with career and family commitments, and if you aren’t careful, that date will soon be upon you. Online suppliers will make sure the items are delivered well in advance, and with lower than retail prices, everyone wins. You should already be contacting people as soon as you know of the event, and with friends helping out, everything will be as it should on the day.
  • Do Add a Surprise – The soon to be mum will appreciate any unexpected event, and thoughtful gifts always go down well, and with practicality in mind, you can find an online supplier of hampers for all occasions, and they would have a wide range of gifts and other items to make the party one to remember.
  • Don’t Forget She Is Weary – Whatever you plan, make sure the mum to be is not expected to actually do anything physical. Any surprises should be of the passive nature, with the guest of honour in a comfortable chair, and the emphasis should be on making her feel good. If you would like to know more about the best activities for an expectant mum, there are several informative articles on the subject.
  • Do Involve Her Mother – This will ensure you get it right, if you are planning a surprise, and even if you are not, she will be able to take the strain by giving you the right information regarding how things should go.
  • Don’t Invite Dad – This is strictly a girl’s night and besides, he has his own way of celebrating the event, so any thoughts of making this a unisex affair should be quashed. With the men doing their own thing, the girls can plan a get together that suits them completely, and with an online supplier, the event is soon arranged.

Whether she knows about the event, or you plan for a surprise, planning is the key, and once you’ve made a list of what you need, a Google search will have you on the right website. Invite all her friends and the menu should most definitely include her favourites, and with the right ambience, the event will be remembered for all the right reasons. This is a once in a lifetime thing, and you owe it to your best friend to make it something extra special.