By Elizabeth Summers / January 27, 2019 / No comments
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  1. Give a gift of your talents

Everyone is unique and has their own strengths and talents. Why don’t you use it to help another person the society as presents this Christmas? Maybe you are good at creating frozen foods. You can teach others how to plan meals. Perhaps you are a technology expert. You can help those who have trouble finding a button. Maybe you can have a babysitting exchange with another mother? To be creative

If you have children, they can make coupons for the family. For example, 3 hours of gardening for the grandmother, a mother’s breakfast in bed, last minute tickets for children, etc. The other benefit of giving your talents is that you can spend time with the recipient of your gift. Win-win!

  1. Give the gift of time

It’s always the most memorable gift! The gift of time with family and friends. Instead of 80 to 160 hours spent preparing for Christmas, you can spend time with your family. Our society moves so fast that it is good to slow down, rest and connect with those who are important to you.

You can do it for free or spend money on an activity together. For example, prepare for lunch and go to another park in another city. You must eat to spend money as a gift. Another example is vouchers for spending time together. Be creative! Give the time.

This is the most memorable gift you can give, especially to children.

  1. Give the gift to bless other

A few days ago, I really had trouble giving them to everyone in our family. Anyone over the age of 30 just bought what they needed, and they really did not want it. So I have a charity for this person Christmas. I adapted their interests with the donation to a charity. My mother-in-law, for example, is a retired teacher. I found a charity that provides teachers and resources to teach disadvantaged children in the poorest countries.

It was a gift to others.

I always give this kind of gifts. Yes, I spend money on it, but my donations multiply by providing more people than one person. In short, if you are looking for a Christmas bonus, this is a vast sphere of influence.

Bonus tip for a Christmas on a zero budget:

Ask those with children to explore cardboard boxes, paper, pencils, recycled products, etc. It’s fantastic to see my own kids doing their personal stories about recycling articles for hours. Learn lessons! Fun for hours! Free gift hours!