Essential Pet-Health Practices to Adopt Right Away

By Elizabeth Summers / February 10, 2018 / No comments
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We often tend to take our family pets for granted, such is their loyalty to us and unconditional love shown. Something like the family pet dog can become such a seemingly permanent fixture of our lives that we become a bit complacent in our commitment to look after its health properly once it’s been through regular checkups at the vets and classes with a Dog Trainer in Newcastle, for example, as puppies. They may seem a bit obvious and straight-forward, but here are some essential pet-health practices to makes sure to effect immediately in the very possible case that they’ve slipped out of your daily routine:

Grooming as a Reward

Something like giving your dog a bath (we won’t even discuss dishing out the same treatment to a cat) is often a very challenging chore to have to complete since dogs generally don’t like having to have a scrub. There are different types of grooming which can go a long way to keep your pet healthy though, such as a nice brush with this other scrubbing brush I have in my house. The dog absolutely loves it. Use these types of enjoyable grooming rituals as a reward of some sort, like every time after the dog has enjoyed a nice run. This encourages exercise as well.

Encouraging Exercise

Aside from some enjoyable grooming as a reward, pets should be encouraged to exercise by involving them in some of the physical activity the other members of the family like to get up to. Push the dog into the pool and jump in with him, for example.

Routine Veterinary Check-Up

This one is a no-brainer, but it’s worth a mention because a lot of pet owners only really make a visit to the vet when their furry friends are already sick with some or other ailment. Of course, some ailments will relate to your pet getting older. Joint pain and low energy may be some of the problems your pet could experience as they become more senior. With the help of great CBD products for pets, and other health-related supplements, any problems your pet may experience won’t be as bad as first feared. This is why regular check-ups are essential, much like how your own regular check-ups with the GP and/or dentist are. This is because they will be able to uncover any further problems that may be distressing your pet, and administering the relevant treatment.

Cater to Their Needs

As your pet gets older, it is very likely that they will need extra care and attention. Just like us humans do. It is just a part of our lives and theirs. So, if you notice some differences in your animal, or if your veterinarian has advised that you make some changes to their routine, then this is advice that you should be taking on board. For example, if your dog is experiencing pressure of the bones and joints and need to have extra support, then an orthopedic bed, from somewhere like Animals Matter can help to protect these areas of their body. By doing so, you are ensuring that they remain as healthy as possible as well as making sure that you are meeting their needs, especially as they can’t tell you themselves if they have a problem.

Interaction with Other Animals

Interaction enjoyed with other animals caters to their mental health more than anything else and it’s every bit as essential as something like regular physical exercise.

Using Pet-Safe Household Products

When it comes to maintaining a generally comfortable and pleasant domestic environment our focus naturally falls squarely on how we as humans react to certain household products. You’d use a milder insect repellent if the one you first deployed causes a reaction in one of the kids, for example. We should never forget about our pets as far as that goes too – they don’t have the privilege of being able to run to you crying about some or other household product which is harmful to them in some or other way and often you’ll only find out once it’s a bit too late to reverse some serious damage or health issues which have developed.

Make it a point to only use pet safe product and even services such as those which provide pet safe pest control. Yes the industries surrounding the enforcement of these types of standards aren’t as heavily regulated as something like the medical industry, so you’ll have to rely on your trust of what the labels on the household goods you buy say. Who would seriously lie about their product being pet safe though if it isn’t?