Finish off 2018 with some festive fun

By Elizabeth Summers / December 14, 2018 / No comments
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As we approach the end of term, excitement is running high and concentration may be starting to falter slightly. There’s only one way forward, and that is to finish 2018 off with some fun activities.

Take a look at some of the ways you can add some festive fun to the end of term this year:

Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafts are a great way to have some fun before school breaks up for Christmas. You could encourage students to make their own Christmas cards for a family member, create some lollipop stick Christmas trees, or craft some super easy paper chains to hang up in the classroom.

There are so many great craft ideas to explore, plus craft activities give children a chance to be creative and use their imagination.

Christmas Games

If you are looking for some activities that are a little more mess-free, then Christmas games are the perfect way to have some fun at the end of term.

Here are some of our favourites:

  • Pin the nose on Rudolph

This is super easy for any classroom and gets the students out of their seats for a little. Give each student a red nose and after covering their eyes get them to try and get it exactly where it should be on Rudolph!

  • Christmas bingo

This is a great activity from Teachit Primary, who have a whole range of festive resources. Each student gets their own bingo sheet and they will all have to pay attention as different words are called out to be able to cross out the items on their sheet. As with the regular version, the first to shout BINGO! wins.

  • Christmas wordsearch

A Christmas wordsearch is a great activity for practicing spelling and for having some downtime in the classroom. You can easily make these yourself, or browse the internet for hundreds of pre-made options.

Christmas Reading

Christmas themed reading allows you to stick to the curriculum even when there is a buzz of excitement around the classroom. As well as the traditional story of Christmas, there are many other Christmas themed books that your students will absolutely love.

If they enjoy a good sing song, you could even have a little carol session, giving each student their own sheet to read the words from.