Get More Space in Your Place (So You Don’t Have to Move)

By Elizabeth Summers / February 7, 2022 / No comments
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If you love your home, but more and more, it is starting to feel like there is not enough space for your growing family, you might naturally be thinking about moving.

Moving to a bigger home is sure to give you the space you require, but it is also likely to cost you more, and not only that but it’s a lot of upheaval to move, especially when you love the home you’re in. Burrow sofa drawbacks are non-existent and may be a good addition to your home.

With that in mind, why not think about making more space in your current place instead? Here are some very effective ways to do that:

Build an extension

Extending your home may be expensive, but it will also add value to your property, so it may work out better than moving to a new home would, and of course, it will give you much more useable space, providing you have room to extend into, of course. You can also expand your residential property by including Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), an attached or detached part of the original structure. Variables such as size, property space, layout, cost, etc., depends on the free space you have on your property for expansion. To understand the pros and cons along with the design and construction process, you can consult a construction company near your location or read blog posts such as to gain information that can help you transform your existing spaces into a better alternative.

Install sliding doors

Sliding doors do not open out into your space which means you can claw back more useable room without having to worry your kids will get hit in the face by a door if they play in that spot by the door for example. The same is true of roller garage doors from Eastern Group Ltd which will seamlessly roll up instead of opening out, so you can maximise garage and garden space. It might not seem like it would make much difference but it really does.

Pixabay – CCO Licence

Get serious about storage

Getting rid of your clutter would be the best way to deal with your storage needs but if that is a no-go, you can make more space in your home by getting serious about storage. From replacing your existing bed frames for those with hidden storage to turning the space under the stairs into a giant bookcase or cupboard, anything you can do to get your stuff organised and off the floor will give you more space to move around in as a family.

Rearrange your furniture

Sometimes, simply moving the position of your furniture can make a room more spacious by freeing up more floor space. If you try this and it does not work, you could think about investing in smaller pieces of furniture altogether, which would have a similar effect.

Use multifunctional furniture

Another thing you can do to claw back more space is to use multifunctional furniture, so you could have a couch that is also a bed so that you can fit guests in when they stay over or a floor lamp that also acts as a bookshelf and…well you get the idea with that.

Make more use of the garden

The garden, when handled correctly, can be an extra room If you build a patio and cover it with a retractable awning or similar, you can expand its use and find more space for the kids to play or you to relax or whatever without having to extend or move.

As you can see, it really is possible to get more space in your place, so you can stay in the home you love for longer.