Great Tips For Bridal Hair

By Elizabeth Summers / January 19, 2018 / No comments
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Is there anything worse than having a bad hair day? You can fix up makeup pretty easily, but hair that is fat or frizzy? Now that is a different story altogether and it’s the last thing you want on your wedding day. You need to be prepared in advance. here come the guidelines. It is very important to have hair thinning scissors as this minimizes the problems with your hair fat or curly.

The Dos For Your Hair

  1. If you suffer from severe hair loss or hair thinning, you may benefit from hair extensions. However, if you feel you need a more permanent solution, you could visit a Colorado hair transplant or one in your area to get a transplant. Unless you are more than 25 years old, it is best to opt for a preliminary procedure to increase hairline density rather than a permanent one.
  2. Do have a hair trial! your sessions should allow you to try three different styles. make sure that you bring your headpiece along (or take a photo and bring it). Make your wedding day appointment at least four months before your big day ad book your trial sessions for around four to six weeks before.
  1. Do speak up! Tell your stylist about your wedding and reception and bring a photo of your dress. Ask them to suggest hairstyles which would fit in with the overall style of your wedding.
  1. Do accept suggestions. Granted, you might have the plan of a cascade of rolling curls, but don’t dismiss the chance to try, perhaps a loose chignon, one of these various barrettes or extensions. Don’t hold back, it’s just the trial! You may even be in for a pleasant surprise.
  1. Do take pictures. Ask a friend to come to the trial with you and get them to take photos of each style that you tey from various angles. Make sure they get the front, back, and profile, even a photo from above. You want every side of your hair to be your ‘best side’ since you are likely to be photographed from all angles on your big day.
  1. Do make your appointment at the right time. Make sure that you make your wedding day appointment with room to spare, this will save you or your bridesmaids being late.
  1. Do make sure you’re wearing a button-front top or dress. This means that when you change into your wedding dress you don’t need to worry about getting that top over your head, and your hairdo!

The Don’t For Your Hair

  1. Don’t presume your regular stylist is the ideal choice. That great stylist who cuts your hair every 6 weeks may not be an expert in wedding hair. If this is the case, ask your married friends for referrals.
  1. Don’t trust your descriptions, bring in pictures. What one person views as ‘chic’ or ‘elegant’ may be completely different to another person’s viewpoint. Pictures are the best way to communicate what you really want.
  1. Don’t fall too much in love with tendrils. A couple of tendrils around your face can give a romantic look, but don’t make them too many or too long. It can cast shadows on your face that won’t do you any favors.
  1. Don’t forget about your dress neckline. The secret to choosing the right hairstyle is knowing whether your gown has a sweetheart, strapless, one shoulder or another type of neckline. A strapless dress may look lost if you opt for a full updo.
  1. Don’t hide those highlights. Highlighted hair that is pinned into an updo can show large areas of dark hair. You can break this up by getting additional highlights for your under layers if you want to go for an upswept style.