Helping Your Child To Settle Into A New School

By Elizabeth Summers / October 12, 2017 / No comments
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The thought of going to a new school for the first time can be a daunting one for a child, especially if they have never attended a school or nursery before. Anything that we can do to help them settle in and make new friends is worth the time and effort in doing. If your child is submitted to a very social environment from a young age, then they should be able to adapt easily to their new surroundings and situation, so teaching children to socialise from a young age is highly encouraged. However, some children are not as gregarious as others, so you may need to find other ways to gently encourage them to make new friends and settle into school life.

Visit The School Before Attending

It is a good idea if you take your child to the new school they will be attending before them starting. If the school is close to home, you could walk there and show them how close you are going to be when they are at school or nursery. If you happen to live around Sydney, you can find many child care centres in Sydney close to you with ease using the internet to find the best school for your child. Let them walk around the facility with a teacher and show them all of the kids in classes, as well as at playtime. Let them see that they are going to have lots of fun when they attend and it will be an easier prospect for them to swallow.

Let Them Grow A Little

When you send your child to school for the first time, it can also be an emotional day for the parents, but you need to let them grow up a little and let them choose things for their new school such as their lunch box or their school bag. If the school does not have a uniform, then they can also pick their clothes, as long as they fit within the school’s guidelines.

Get Them Excited About The Prospect

You will want to make them eager to go to school so you will need to tell them all of the different things that they are going to do and learn when they start attending school. Making lots of new friends is often exciting for children, and if you already know some of the children that attend the school, it could make the transition a lot easier.

Life Is Easier With Friends

One of the best ways to help a child settle into school is to allow them to make new friends, and also let them socialise outside of school. Most of the children attending school for the first time can be nervous, and having a friend to share the experience with will make it easier for them to deal with and settle down in their new class. Just remember to make the most of them when they are young as before you know it they will be teenagers!