How Can You Prevent Stained Dentures?

By Elizabeth Summers / May 25, 2018 / No comments
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If your teeth fall off, it is likely that you will get yourself some dentures or bridges. Even though this may relieve you to think that you do not need to worry about tooth care much then, it is far from the truth. You’ll still need to take care of your mouth.

For one thing, you’ll want to prevent your dentures from getting stained. While this isn’t the problem it can be with natural teeth, false teeth can still be stained by food and drink, especially when dentures are made from acrylic. To prevent damage due to staining, you could visit The Number One Emergency Dentist In Miami, Florida, or wherever you may be. Other than that, you should follow these tips:

Avoid the Usual Suspects

Most of us are aware of the food and beverages that can cause staining on our teeth. Common culprits include black coffee, red wine, and berries. While you don’t have to completely avoid these items, it is best to limit contact, and always rinse your mouth with water after consumption. Furthermore, be sure to make regular visits to a dentist for cleaning dentures in clinton ms (or wherever you live), which may help you keep your dentures free of plaque and bacteria and prevent them from staining.

Brush Twice Each Day

False teeth can’t get cavities, but they can still harbour bacteria – that’s one reason you’ll want to brush each day. Brushing can also remove any lingering staining compounds from the surfaces of your false teeth, so use a soft-bristled toothbrush and regular toothpaste to brush them twice a day. It is recommended by many dentures dentists that if you brush your dentures regularly, you can easily prevent them from getting stained.

Soak Them

Soaking your dentures overnight is always recommended, and you can use that time to fight stains when you use an alkaline hypochlorite soak. It breaks down the bonds of coloured molecules, so stains will turn colourless. No need to worry about a prescription – you can buy these solutions over the counter.

Visit Your Dentist

Whether you’re wearing a partial denture or have nothing in your mouth but false teeth, you should be seeing your dentist on a regular basis. If you think your dentures look a little dingy, talk to your dentist. They’ll be able to assess the problem and use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove any accumulated deposits and stains.