How To Create The Ultimate Relaxation Area, Perfect After A Stressfilled Day!

By Elizabeth Summers / September 12, 2018 / No comments
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After a long and tiring day, everyone needs a relaxing place where they can get away, unwind and be disconnected from the world. With a regular trip to the spa not being financially viable for many, it is important that there is a space within their home to relax and have a calming feel.

You may be thinking that it would be expensive to create a space like this. But, it really doesn’t have to be and doesn’t have to take a lot of time to do either. Many people simply rely on CBD products, such as full-spectrum cbd, for their relaxation as a result of its calming powers. CBD is becoming a popular way to keep a sense of calm in yourself without needing to take too much time out. But there are many ways to relax. Even if you’re putting on some loungewear, listening to your favourite music and eating your first choice meal – you’re half way there. You can look at the twin sets available on so many loungewear and tracksuit websites to choose the best fit for you, and your partner, to make you both feel cosy and relaxed. Or, just get something for yourself – after all, you are trying to relax. Following the steps we have listed below you can create a comforting and warm space within your home in no time at all. Allowing you to retreat to it any time you are wanting some quality ‘you’ time.

Window Seat ( If Possible )

Having a space around your windows can be the best location to have a calming feel within your home. It’s a great idea and an even better one if you have a deep window, as you will be able to create a large comfy window seat. No matter what size or shape of your window bay, there are companies available who can cut foam to your specific sizes and shapes given. It couldn’t be simpler to take a few measurements and get the foam cut, then simply covering the foam with a range of soft textiles.

Then you can add in some pillows, blankets and other textiles which will help you make your window seat comfortable and relaxing.


When it comes to our mood and emotions, colours play a huge part. So, if you are wanting to create a soothing and relaxing area, you should use soft, simple colours. Everyone has their own preferences to which colours make them feel happy, but if you get a little stuck whilst selecting the right colours. Then, you should think of pastel colours such as yellow or blue, as well as warming colours such as red and grey. Either way, the colours you select should make you happy when you look at them.

There are a number of ways that you can bring these colours into your home, whether you want to do it with candles, textiles, wooden window blinds, paintings or by simply painting the walls within the area.


Fragrances can have a positive impact on our emotions and can really help to transform the mood of a space. It is best that your space is away from any pet areas or bathrooms/kitchens. That way you can fill your space with fresh and inviting scents, by either using a scented oil diffuser or potpourri which will to keep the air smelling great. You could also consider using incense and air fresheners too.

Again it’s down to personal preference on what type of scent you have, but the most recommended for relaxation are lavender, vanilla and even rose.

Clutter Free

It is incredibly hard to concentrate when you have a space that is full of clutter, messy and even dirty. The best thing you can do is clear out the space where you are looking to have your relaxation area. By simply removing any objects from the space and placing them somewhere else in your home. The only thing you should have is items that will help to keep you calm and happy, so make sure you hide anything that will make you think of work or household tasks.

Ban The Use Of Electronics

In order to remain calm and stress-free we recommend having the space an electronic free zone. In a time now where we are constantly surrounded by electrical items, we need a space where we can get away from all that and be completed disconnected. So, things such as your television, smartphones and other items should be well clear of this space. This will allow you to have complete peace of mind, instead of being hounded by constant messages amongst other digital information. With this device-free time, you can do something to get to know yourself, like journaling or even trying a cannabis product. If you are new to smoking, then you might have some questions, like what is a chillum, for example, in which case you should do some research on the internet before you begin.

Background Music

This is the only exception to the above rule about having no electronics within your relaxation space. But, having music on can help to relax your mind as well as lift your mood. It can be a really important piece in your relaxation room, everyone has different taste in music but it isn’t recommended that you listen to rock, pop or dance music. Any type of music that is heavy won’t help you to unwind. You should think about ambient music such as classical, jazz and even soft rock. You are basically wanting to have music on that will help keep you relaxed and uplift your mood.

Bring Outside Elements In

Everyone finds nature relaxing and your relaxation space cannot be complete without a little organic matter. Perhaps dot around 2 or 3 plant pots to help bring a tranquil feeling to your space, as well as giving it a little life. Don’t worry you don’t have to have green fingers, just select a range of fresh and bright coloured flowers so that you can relax and disconnect easily in this relaxation space.