How To Find And Foster Your Children’s Talents

By Elizabeth Summers / January 11, 2022 / No comments
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One of the best things about having children is watching them develop into the adults they will one day be. Their personalities and characters form with every day that passes, and you get to watch it all. 

One of the most exciting parts of this is seeing which talents and skills they begin to develop. As adults, we all have a sense of what we are good at and enjoy. For example, some people are great musicians, some have an aptitude for numbers, and others are great at building things from scratch. 

As parents, there are some things you can do to encourage your children to figure out what their interests are. By finding these things earlier, children can develop hobbies and skills to carry on into later periods of their lives. Who knows, maybe the talent they discover in their childhood will lead to the job they have as an adult. Perhaps children’s aptitude for drawing will lead to them becoming architects in twenty years. 

So what are these things, and how can they be used to figure out where your children’s interests lie?

Try new things

The best way to find out where your child’s talents might lie is to expose them to many different types of activities. Try taking them to a new sport, like dancing or rounders. Try taking them to do a creative activity, like painting or story-writing. You could try lessons for a musical instrument, or cookery classes. 

Some interests need to be learned outside of the home at a club or a class, but if that is too expensive, there are plenty of ones you can try out at home. For example, you could encourage your child to help you make a meal one night a week or get them to help you build a bookcase. You could promote reading on the weekend to see if they find an interest there. If you discover that your child may have an interest in music or learning an instrument, say guitar or piano, you can promote their passion by getting them a piano for home so that they can practice anytime. You can also check out wood piano benches and other accessories to encourage your kid and show that you respect their interests and choices. This would not only assist your child to improve their skills but also help them to express themselves better in front of you.

Encourage your child

Photo by Yohoprashant on Pixabay

If your child is interested in a particular area, encourage them to pursue it. If you are too pushy, your child may feel overwhelmed and want to stop. Therefore, it’s key to keep your encouragement present but lighthearted. Maybe, if they express an interest in painting, you could ask them to do a painting for you. This way, they will feel that you are interested in what they are doing, plus you’ve given them a task to complete, keeping them painting. 

Help them stick with their talent

Your child is likely to get bored and want to give up at some point in their journey. If their hobby involves lots of work, like weekly lessons for the flute, plus practicing at home, they might want to go back to a time when they had more free time. 

At these times, it’s essential to help your child feel supported by you. You don’t want them to feel forced to continue–if they feel this way, they might lose the love and joy it brings them. Yet, at the same time, giving up isn’t always the best choice. Help your child to see the bigger picture, and remind them of the love they have for their hobby.