How to Hire Reliable and Environment-Friendly Rubbish Removal London Service

By Elizabeth Summers / May 30, 2019 / No comments
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If you are a natural hoarder who is overly attached to non-living possessions, your space is most likely infested with things you do not need. Sorry to break it to you but those invaluable possessions are not making your house look any better. They are disorganising your space, making it look untidy, and not leaving space that could have been otherwise utilised in a more effective way. In short, you need to get rid of the rubbish. Fortunately, you should not have much trouble clearing things up if you live in London.

Why Hire Professional Rubbish Removal Services?

Cleaning everyday dirt and grime is not the same as clearing large objects. In other words, you would need a professional to clear large objects, such as the sofa, table, bed, cupboard, mattress, electrical appliances, room furnishings, dishwasher, washer, freezer, fridge, desk, clothes, and television.

Rubbish removal London services are also quite flexible. For instance, you need not wait until the day of collection to clear your heap of rubbish. Just call the rubbish removal London service provider and have the junk hauled away whenever you want them to or when the heap overgrows.

Most importantly, professional rubbish removal companies know how to get rid of the rubbish legally.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Rubbish Removal Service

London has no dearth of rubbish removal service providers, with almost all claiming to be the best in the business. Though the word “best” is subjective, what’s not is ‘licensing’. Before you look into other things, make sure the company is licensed in the city to do what it does and also insured. Once that’s clear, make sure your potential rubbish removal company, be it Sammy’s Clearances or any other clearance service, conforms to the following:

  • The service provider should have a website where you can get to know its services, history, contact details, etc. Going through the website shall help you understand whether the company has the required skills and expertise to properly remove and dispose of unwanted objects. You would also learn whether the company deals with all types of garbage or has its reservations.
  • Look for reviews online for the service provider. The reviews shall throw light on how quickly the company clears the garbage, whether it shows up on time for the service, does it carry necessary equipment and tools to do its job, etc.
  • Good rubbish removal firms would recycle and/or donate the haul. Donating to the community shows the community cares. Some garbage removal firms dump everything in landfills, thereby causing harm to the environment and nullifying their purpose.

Why Choose a Local Service?

Clearabee, and similar services like it, is arguably the biggest rubbish clearance company in London. It offers both same-day collection service and skip bags of different sizes. It can haul pretty much any kind of rubbish at any time and from almost anywhere, whether it’s garden waste, white goods, bulky furniture, building waste or electrical items. The company’s staff is all in-house, which makes them ready for any rubbish removal London job at even the shortest of notices.

The same-day house rubbish gathering service is ideal for busy people wanting to eliminate household junk. It offers big skip bags that people can fill at their own pace. The ‘man and van’ service of the company can reach any part of London and most locations in the UK within a few hours. The fully trained staff would arrive in Clearabee-branded rubbish removal vans that can be identified from a distance. The staff are always in their uniforms and carry their IDs so that you could be sure the wrong person isn’t taking away your hoard.

Most importantly, Clearabee does its job in an environmentally-friendly manner. It upcycles or recycles 90 percent of the waste collected and offsets all the CO2 its vehicles generate.

If you reside in London and want to clear your rubbish in the most professional and responsible manner, Clearabee is your best bet.

How to Help the Elderly Declutter with Professional Skip Hire

It is normal to accumulate possessions over a lifetime. However, if these possessions become too much, they turn into clutter, which is unsightly. It can even pose a safety hazard for the elderly. However, trying to get the elderly to let go can be a challenge. They identify items they have in the home with a past period or memory that was important to them. It makes them worry that they will forget if there is no physical reminder. Disposing of their items can also make them feel as if they are losing their independence. If you are assisting the elderly to declutter, here are some tips to get it right.

Be Tactful about Bringing Up the Topic

In your effort to create a comfortable and safe living space for them, you might be tempted to declutter the home in their absence. However, this could lead to strained relationships and resentment. Talk about the issue with them until they understand that it is for their own benefit. You can expect some resistance but if you handle it carefully, you will succeed with time. It is all about patience with the elderly, the more you try to rush them, the more resistance you will get.

Have Some Realistic Goals

Decluttering a home that has accumulated rubbish over a lifetime will not be easy. It is not a project you will do over a weekend and be done with it. Create a realistic timeline for completing the process. You also do not want to push them too hard and cause them to change their mind. Take things slow like one weekend at a time when you declutter a single room. Within a few months, you will have cleared up the whole home. Be sure that they feel they are in charge of the whole process. To dispose of the rubbish, consider a skip hire service.

Discuss Getting Rid of furniture

Elderly people do not get rid of old furniture when they get new furniture. As a result, furniture can accumulate in the home, which might be a challenge if they have mobility issues. It will help them navigate the house with more ease without the risk of injury to themselves. Ensure you have a reliable rubbish removal company to get rid of the discarded furniture. One such company is ECS, which provides skips so that you can clear out large pieces of furniture quickly and easily.

Consider Categorising items Before Decluttering

It is easier to declutter a house if the items are categorised. Help the elderly by creating categories such as:

  • Keep

These items are still in working condition and have some use in the house. Sentimental items such as pictures can also be placed in this category.

  • Toss

These items are merely rubbish. Since decluttering might take a while, be sure to remove items that are unwanted out of the house. A skip hire service will ensure that you can keep the waste on-site for a while as you empty the home of toss items.

  • Giveaways

These items will be given to someone for a meaningful course. It can be donating to charity or to a relative.

Be Patient

Being patient is quite important. Getting rid of items with sentimental value is a difficult process. Start with items that have little sentimental value. Encourage them to share stories about these items. A skip hire service by Clearabee will help you to get rid of the items that you decide are not important.


Decluttering an old person’s home is a long process. After you are done, you will need to get rid of the clutter. A skip hire service by Clearabee will help you get rid of the clutter. The company also ensures that 90% of all rubbish it collects will not reach a landfill.