How to Keep Open Communication with Parents and Nursery Staff

By Elizabeth Summers / October 26, 2021 / No comments
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Communicating with nursery staff and parents can prove challenging for anyone, regardless of their educational background. Parents and guardians have an important role in ensuring that elementary school learning occurs effectively and in a coordinated manner.

Reaching them can become an ongoing challenge, even for seasoned school teachers. From fostering a sense of trust to offering a simple smile whenever you can, the following tips can help you maintain open communication with parents and teachers.

Be Warm

Showing a little friendliness to parents and nursery staff goes a long way in helping to foster communication. It doesn’t matter whether you’re communicating in person, via text, or email. You have to show some warmth in your interactions and offer encouragement whenever it’s needed.

Whenever you come across parents or the nursery staff, try to smile, make eye contact, and even shake hands with them.

Make them Feel Valuable

Good communication, especially among those involved in caring for nursery school children, begins with making everyone feel comfortable. Every person you interact with has something unique and valuable to offer to the classroom.

It could involve speaking to the young ones about their occupations or even helping out at a school event. All you have to do is encourage them to take an interest in what’s going on in school and ensure they get involved in what matters.

Where possible, they could even share their strengths with others.

Acknowledge Involvement

Guardians aren’t required to actively participate in the education of their children. But whether it’s a guardian or parent going out of their way to get involved in school events, it’s a good idea to acknowledge what they’re doing.

Express thanks and show your appreciation for the nursery staff or the parents’ contributions to the school and the events at hand.

Foster a Sense of Trust

The foundation for open and honest communication with parents and teachers starts with fostering trust. Parents need to trust the nursery staff and vice versa. When interacting with parents, make sure to assure them that your discussions will remain confidential.

The key here is to let them know that you have the young one’s best interests at heart and that everything you do is geared towards safeguarding their well-being.

Ask Questions, and Most Importantly, Listen

When conversing with nursery staff and parents, do your best to ask as many questions as possible. Please don’t limit yourself to their study habits, but rather, attempt to learn what interests them, including what makes them happy or sad.

Also, communicate any concerns you may have about their health or their social life in school. Ask if they keep their nursing rooms stocked and about any specific equipment your child may need in an emergency, such as the best AED models for school or an X-ray machine. Talk to them about how your children are getting along with other kids and about their behaviour.

Do your best to listen and take in the answers offered to you. If you can, make sure to ask follow-up questions. You’ll be surprised at how much information you can learn about the pupils and their families from asking simple everyday questions.


Open communication helps in ensuring that the needs of the nursery school pupils aren’t forgotten. Using the pupil tracker from Educater, primary school leaders and teachers can easily track and monitor their pupils’ progress. It helps them understand the needs of their learners, enabling them to provide accurate reports to parents and caregivers on the progress being made on the learning front.