How to Keep Your Pet Entertained while You Are at Work

By Elizabeth Summers / February 10, 2018 / No comments
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Leaving your pet when you have to go to work is always difficult, and especially so if your kids have to go to school as well, and the pet will have to spend time alone at home. Not only is it natural for you to worry about your pet’s safety and anxiety when it’s on its own, but there’s always a possibility that the pet’s boredom will encourage it to make a serious mess while you’re gone. Interestingly, your pet’s diet has a major effect on it’s behaviour and sleeping pattern. If your dog, for example, is eating the correct foods and getting the right nutrition, they are less likely to chew things they shouldn’t or just cause general mischief. Looking out for an ultimate pet nutrition coupon code and other ways to treat your pet to new things will help to keep their mind out of trouble and more on their new food. However, there are various tricks you can try so that your pet stays calm and entertained during the hours when no one’s around.

Tire your pet out

Essentially, you want to play or run with your pet so that it doesn’t have any excess energy while you’re at work and it’s alone at home. For instance, the problem with extra energy can be especially evident with dogs, since they’ll feel restless and anxious to run around even when there’s no one with them. Therefore, they’ll look for ways to spend all that energy, which can often lead to a destructive behavior. The easiest solution would be to take the time to run/play with your pet so that it feels content and has no extra energy to burn when you leave.

Pet toys

The previously mentioned trick may not work for every pet owner, and those of you who own cats may need a different approach as well. So, what else can you do to keep your pet occupied, entertained and still have it burn the extra energy effectively? Provide your pet with adequate pet toys. There are plenty of choices in the market and you can find chewable ones that are perfect for dogs as well as cats. Some of these special toys can be tied to a wall, which is great if you want to keep your pet near its own space inside your home. You can even coat these toys with some tasty treat to keep the pet busy and interested right from the start.

Soothing music

Even if your pet doesn’t tend to make a ruckus while the adults are at work and kids at school, it’s still a good idea to play some soothing musical pieces to calm it down while you’re away. Of course, this works great when paired with other ticks on this list. You can choose music that you’ve noticed your pet responds to positively. This is usually classical music. However, there are plenty of pet soothing music compilations available nowadays that will be perfect for your pet, regardless of whether you have a dog, a cat, or both.

Get another pet

If you’re worried about leaving your pet alone at home the simplest answer to this is – just don’t. You can easily adopt a new animal so that your pet has a play buddy while everyone’s away. And, of course, the household will always be merrier with two furry pals. Even if your current pet is older and used to being the king/queen of the home, you can still get it used to a new friend after just a couple of days of effort. This will make a huge difference for everyone in your household, and especially your pet. With two pets you won’t have to worry about either of them being alone and they will definitely keep themselves entertained as they come up with new games to play.

Treat puzzles and snacks

If you want to provide your pet with healthy cat and dog accessories and treats while you’re away, but you don’t want it to eat more than what’s healthy, treat puzzles are definitely a great solution. You can get treat puzzles in pet stores or make them yourself. The trick is to get your pet to figure out how to turn the catch and get the treat as it falls out. Not only will your cat and/or dog be happy and entertained all the while they’re on their own, but they’ll also get to eat delicious snacks. Just make sure to look at the different wholesale pet treats options online so your dog will never run out of treats no matter how long you may be away!

The most important thing in the case you have to leave your pet alone at home is to pay close attention to what your pet responds well to. Don’t be dramatic in front of your pet before you leave because this can only aggravate it. If nothing works in terms of their behavior while you’re away, you should consider getting a professional help, or at least talk to the vet.