How to Raise Children with More World Awareness

By Elizabeth Summers / August 23, 2022 / No comments
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We live in a global community nowadays, and that isn’t likely to change thanks to the connectivity of the digital age, so why not start to expand your child’s awareness in this way by introducing them to new people, activities, and environments? In the article below, you will find some simple ways to grow young minds and make children more globally engaged.    

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It’s not necessary to book a trip to an overseas location to develop more global awareness for your children; you can start the process at home using media like movies. Of course, not all movies are suitable, educational, or awareness expanding; it’s about choosing the right ones. 

Movies are an excellent way to engage the interest of young minds and introduce them to new languages and cultures. If you pick the right movies to watch – perhaps ones that support their school studies – it becomes a form of edutainment when your kids can learn and have some fun.  


Introducing children to sports is a great way to instill values and broaden their cultural knowledge. Begin by teaching them about classic games from your culture and then explore sports from around the world. You can establish a tradition of learning and playing a new sport each year.

To facilitate this, you can look for centers that offer sports programs from different nations. An online search using keywords like “taekwondo schools near me” or similar terms related to other sports can help you find suitable programs. Enrolling your kids in these centers exposes them to different cultures, teaching methods, and valuable life skills such as discipline and dedication.  


In recent decades books have been overtaken by other forms of media when it comes to learning and expanding the mind, but before that, books were the number one way to educate people. Nowadays, we have other forms of media to draw on, but books still have a place. 

Books are unique because they engage the mind in a more active way than a screen. Whether the child is learning to read themselves or having a book read to them, they are engaging their imagination and using their brain in new ways. It is crucial for developing well-rounded people.   


When you think about expanding the minds of young people, one of the first things that come to mind is travel. Traveling is one of the best ways to expand the mind because it introduces young people to places they might learn about later as well as new cultures, people, and interests. 

Whether you go on a family holiday or support Berlin school trips, your children will get the experience of a lifetime because people learn in a variety of ways, excursions like this help to instill memories and ideas in their brains that can be used in the classroom or for socializing.  


Music is also an excellent way to grow the mind and introduce children to new cultural experiences; again, you don’t have to walk out your front door to access the rich tapestry of music from our cultural past; all you have to do is create some space for listening now and then. 

Whether it’s learning another language by listening to a foreign artist or learning about the cultural landscape by listening to some classical music, these art forms are an excellent and enjoyably way to engage young minds with the wider world and develop new interests.