How to throw an amazing surprise birthday party for your brother at home!

By Elizabeth Summers / February 11, 2020 / No comments
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Your brother’s birthday is a very special day, and there is nothing better than having a surprise birthday for him at home. It is probably a space where you have shared a lot of memories with your brother, so it also makes a lot of sense to have a celebration there. It is also somewhere where he would least expecting it which would make it all the more exciting. Here is the list of all the things you can do to plan a memorable and exciting party for your brother that he will remember for years to come!


  • List down everything they like


When you take an actual note of all the things he likes, it will be much easier coming up with a theme for the birthday. Ask his friends and other family members if they know about the things he likes the most. The more options you have the better the theme is likely to be. And if you feel like one thing keep reoccurring a lot then you should simply go that as the theme.


  • Decorate the house


This is of course a given, but by decorate we simply mean that you should go all out with the decorations. Think big, and think crazy because these are the things that will set the mood for the party such as balloons, streamers and more. You can even be a little cheesy and get him a huge happy birthday brother banner.


  • Keep it a secret


Since it is a surprise birthday party, the hardest thing would be to keep it a secret till the end. This will be a tricky part, but you can manage it by explicitly letting everyone know that it’s a secret. The bigger the secret is, the more surprised your brother will be in the end and the end goal is to up the shock factor as much as you can.


  • Have an activity planned


In order to keep the party going, it is important that you have some sort of an activity planned. Make sure you have something proper planned from before so it is part of the agenda. The activity will ultimately depend on what the theme of the party is, and it could be a game related to that or some activity that could be done outside.


  • Have a great cake


The cake has to steal the show of the party so make sure that it is a good one, goes with the theme of party and, of course, is a flavor that your brother likes. You could also go one step ahead and choose a very embarrassing picture of them, which will be funny and also sentimental at the same time.


Now that you have a rough idea of the things you want to do, in the end it all depends on how you execute the idea by using your own creativity.