How You Can Be Part of Your Child’s Learning Process Aside from School

By Elizabeth Summers / July 22, 2019 / No comments
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You’re lucky if you found a school for your child that offers quality education. You love the curriculum, and your child enjoys being at school. The best part is that the teachers help, and your kids love to be around them. Despite all these qualities, you need to understand that it’s not only the school’s responsibility to mould your child. You also need to be a part of the process.

Teaching needs to continue at home

It’s not enough that your child learns a lot at school. It’s crucial for your child to keep learning even at home. It means that you need to provide help if there are topics your child can’t keep up with. You have to be there to sit with them and discuss the lessons. You can also answer the homework with them to discuss the concepts they need to learn. The most significant reason is that your role as a parent is also to instil knowledge and values in your child. You cannot rely on the school alone to do everything. Even if the school does a great job, if it doesn’t continue at home, your child will still fall behind.

Teachers already have a lot to do

Teachers try their best to help their students and deal with all their concerns. As such, it’s your responsibility to follow up at home, especially in the crucial early stages of kids’ education, such as preschool. You need to know where your child is lagging when compared with his classmates, particularly in essential pre-reading skills. Engaging with your child’s education means actively participating in their learning journey, ensuring they receive the necessary support at home. In half day kindergarten, where kids learn through play, understanding your child’s progress and areas that need improvement is vital. Regular communication with teachers allows you to gain insights into the specific areas where your child may need additional help, fostering a collaborative approach to their educational development.

You can use educational apps

If you want your child to learn independently, you can consider the use of educational apps that help prepare for the 11 plus exams online. The best thing about using these apps is that they can address the specific problems your child has. Whether it’s in grammar, maths or science, these apps provide an extra boost. The users also have to go through the same concept until they master it. These apps can help supplement the learning your child gets at school. The best part is that playing these apps is fun and exciting. Therefore, your child won’t mind spending several minutes a day learning by using them. You can track the progress too. Monitoring your child is crucial; otherwise, they will keep doing the same thing, and there will be no progress.

You need to be there for your child all the time. You have to try your best to be a good provider and also be a loving parent. You can’t always count on the school to provide everything that your child needs. The teachers and the school environment are crucial in the formation of your child, but home is where everything begins. You need to create a supportive atmosphere at home so that learning continues.