Incorporating Flight Delays into Your Travel Plans

By Elizabeth Summers / October 9, 2017 / No comments
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While I generally try to keep things positive in every area of my life really, sometimes you cannot help but simply have to entertain some form of “negativity,” which I guess is just a reality of life. What I mean by this though is that if you take into account something like your travel plans, if you wanted to approach that from more of a positive point of view, you’d only be focussing on things like the date of departure, accommodation, what you’re going to do and just how much fun you’re planning to have, whereas the more “negative” side of things would be planning what to do in case of an emergency or what you’re going to do if things go wrong in some way.

More specifically, one of these “negative” aspects of planning your trip is indeed that of what to do in case you fall victim to flight delays. The more you travel the more likely it is to eventually hit you, even though it may not seem like it at this time, so it’s better to be prepared than to have to be stuck in a situation you have no idea how to deal with.

Fortunately though there is a positive spin which can be put into this particular aspect of travel planning, as much of a stretch as it is. Trust me, as much as you can take consolation in something like a flight refund claim due to flight delays and the subsequent effects thereof, in the moment even a slight delay can really set your entire trip down the wrong path.

So the positive spin I’m talking about is that which can even have you paying quite a bit less than what you would have otherwise paid for your plane ticket and it simply entails using one of those online discount flight search platforms to book your tickets. This is especially advantageous for those travellers whose flight paths encompass more than one leg, as is common for those who are perhaps travelling to Europe, Africa or Asia – you typically have a stopover either in Hong Kong or in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi).

So the trick is not to book your tickets straight from the airline itself – the online discount flight platforms search all the airlines simultaneously so that they can firstly map the best route for you and secondly, so that they can get you the cheapest route as well.

Back to the best route though, this would be the flight path with the least inter-airline changes and stopovers, as well as the least amount of time spent on each of the stopovers.

Somehow they manage to work-in possible delays as well, in which case your overall route won’t be affected too badly, which means you won’t be waiting it out in the airport common areas for too long with all your luggage, so that’s definitely the best way to incorporate flight delays into your travel plans. Should you require compensation via a flight delay compensation service, the fact that you can present some efforts of having made plans for the best flight route possible will make your case almost as solid as any such case can be.