Modern Medication: What Does Scripture Say About Medicine?

By Elizabeth Summers / April 4, 2018 / No comments
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It’s very easy to swallow some pills or go to the hospital when you’re in need of medical treatment. However, Christians are faced with another problem: is it morally right to accept medical treatment?

If you’re curious about what scripture says about modern medication, we can help sort this problem out.

The Bible’s Word

Over the years, certain verses in the Bible have been interpreted as dictating Christians not to accept medical aid, although many other verses show either neutrality or acceptance of medicine.

For example, Genesis 17:10-14 commands circumcision to Abraham. God approved of this minor surgery, meaning that cutting into the skin is not defiling God’s word.

Physicians are even thought of as Joseph’s servants in Genesis 50:2, while Proverbs 17:22 casts medicine in a positive light. In other verses like Isaiah 38:21, even the prophet Isaiah is seen prescribing a poultice for Hezekiah’s boil.

It’s clear that helping oneself isn’t considered wrong and that healing isn’t something that’s supernatural. Many other verses go on to say the same thing. Christians out there shouldn’t worry about going to the hospital or accepting modern medical help.

The discussion on medicines

It’s important to recognize that the discussion around the use of medication among Christians often hinges on individual beliefs, interpretation of religious doctrine, and personal convictions.

While some may view taking medicine as a lack of faith in God’s healing power, others argue that it is a tool provided by God to aid in the healing process.

You may have even heard some individuals make the point that mental and emotional problems should be handled as spiritual, rather than medicinal problems.

On the other hand, many people make the case that medicine is a gift from God and that when it’s taken correctly, it only helps the natural healing process.

Moreover, medicines, when used as prescribed, can play a vital role in facilitating recovery from a wide range of health conditions, be it a common ailment like a cold or more intricate challenges like depression and anxiety.

Likewise, athletes and sports enthusiasts can significantly benefit from seeking specialized services that offer sports medicine in jacksonville or other locations. Such treatment plans can help optimize their physical well-being and performance.

In conclusion, the decision to use medication within the Christian community is a matter of personal belief. It is essential to respect individual choices while also recognizing the potential benefits of medical interventions when used responsibly and in conjunction with faith-based approaches to health and healing.

That said, those interested in availing the benefits of medicines can check out a pharmacy like Medicine Direct to get the proper dosages and medication; but don’t forget to supplement your modern medicine with prayer.

What about Medical Technology

Medical technology plays a pivotal role in healthcare.

While scripture doesn’t explicitly mention advanced medical tools or technology, it does emphasize the importance of seeking healing and relief from suffering; referring to passages such as James 5:14-15, which discusses the act of anointing the sick with oil and praying for their healing.

The development of innovative medical technology in the form of patient management software, diagnostic equipment, and more, has greatly improved the quality of healthcare by enhancing patient care coordination and streamlining medical processes.

While these advancements may not be directly addressed in ancient texts, they align with the overarching principle of providing care and alleviating suffering, values that are deeply rooted in many religious beliefs.

In Conjunction with Law

Many Christian medical practitioners not only clarify that it’s okay to use medication to help with illnesses but also make it very clear that you shouldn’t violate the law for your beliefs.

For instance, if a child is sick and needs serious medical care, keep in mind that it’s perfectly okay to get assistance. If a parent lets a child die from something that’s easily treatable because they didn’t want to treat the condition using medication, the state will try that person for manslaughter.

There’s also the case of when medical assessments are required by law to qualify for certain jobs. If you’re working in a safety-critical role, you’re responsible for not just your life, but the lives and safety of many others. Undergoing Safety Critical Medical assessments and taking the necessary medical help is crucial then, to be able to do your job well.

So, instead of letting harm come to you or those close to you, get the help of medication or medical assistance when someone is in need. In the Bible, Jesus and His disciples performed miraculous healings.

It only makes sense that miracles are allowed in modern Christian life too. Maybe miracles should not be considered normative, but they can still treat the body when something’s wrong.

Ask Yourself:

When you’re considering medical treatment as a Christian, ask yourself if you understand the treatment and feel it is necessary for your recovery. Proverbs 14:15 advises that you search for information, rather than putting faith in every word.

Check out multiple medical opinions too, since Proverbs 15:22 makes it clear that multiple counsellors can be valuable. Consider if spiritism is part of any treatment, as the Bible condemns such practices, and ask yourself if you’re becoming too obsessed with your health.

You shouldn’t go overboard with medication, but there’s no problem being reasonable and finding medical care. This frees you up so that you might be able to focus on more important things, like spiritual matters.


The simple answer to the question “Can you take modern medicine as a Christian?” is yes. Like any other healing, medicine can assist you in your recovery and is actually viewed in a positive light in many Bible verses.

Not all Christians agree with this interpretation and debate continues. However, rest assured that you are not violating God’s Word by getting help when you need it.