Moving Home When You Have Small Children

By Elizabeth Summers / October 7, 2021 / No comments
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Moving home can be one of the most exciting, and stressful things that we undertake in life. Taking everything we own from one place to another and settling into a new space. 

The first time we do this, we are usually alone. Just us, out into the world with our own space. We carefully collect things we like and furnish the house or apartment to make us comfortable. 

The second time we move, we usually have either a roommate or a partner, perhaps even a husband or wife. We join all of our beloved things into one. Moving everything to our next home. 

And then maybe we move a few more times – this time with children and pets. Over time the houses we choose are bigger, and it becomes more important to ensure there is a great school and support network than being next to be an incredible restaurant. 

Although a combination of both would be perfect. 

Photo by HiveBoxx on Unsplash

Children are amazing and inquisitive beings, but sometimes they can make things like moving a little bit more complicated. So ahead of booking Kiwi Movers and packing up boxes, here are some tips. 

So how can we make moving with children a little bit easier? 


When children know what is coming, they can deal with it easier. Being aware of what is happening, how it is happening, and why it is happening can make it easier. 

In conversation, if you said to a friend you are moving, your friend would know what you mean. If you say ‘moving’ to a small child, they won’t really understand what moving means. 

Then as they get older, they might envision they are ‘leaving everything that they know.’

Open communication is the key to having children aware and onboard. 


If you can make a visit with your children to see their new home, this can help them to visualize the whole thing a bit better. 

Talk a walk around the house, talk to them, show them their potential new room, and check out the garden. 

When they come back a second time, they might not have the perfect recollection, but they will most likely have some familiarity. Getting your child as comfortable as possible is an important step in the process. 


Depending on the age of the child, it can be beneficial for them to help to pack up their items too. Carefully selected books and toys that will go with them to their new bedroom is important. 

It makes the child feel like they are part of the process and ensures that they don’t think they are going to lose any of their stuff in the move. 

And while the stuff itself isn’t important, it represents your child’s space and moving where they belong now to where they will belong in the future. 

When moving home with children, it is vital that they feel excited and comfortable with the process, even if they are only moving over a street or two. Get them involved, communicate often, and make them feel safe. 

You can even get them involved in the furniture and textile decisions: Read more: How To Choose The Perfect Rug For A Child’s Bedroom