Parenting and Working – Is it Possible?

By Elizabeth Summers / August 3, 2021 / No comments
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Parenting and Working Life Balance is an eleven-week program for single parents of babies, infants and toddlers. Author, Judith Sage’s book shares the personal experiences of a single mother who struggled through forty years of single parenting and later became a work-book author, speaker, and blogger. In her new book, she shares tips for changing the way you “parent” and how you can balance your work life with being a parent. She offers advice on dealing with an unruly child, how to parent your teenage daughter and how to remain a mom as you have been advised you’ll be older.

Do parents of young children feel like they are juggling too many balls in the air? Does a working mom feel like she’s fighting her own battles as much as she’s fighting for the child? Do these factors call for outside help from a nanny listed with agencies similar to sosgarde in their area? Telework has become a necessary part of our society and people have a need to juggle these balls. How to balance both is a battle that continues to grow as more mothers and fathers work telecommute from home.

When you “couple” parenting and working and delivering your children, you will quickly find your efforts are put on the back burner. Many single parents, both mothers and fathers, often grapple with feelings of guilt when they can’t be with their children all the time. The reality is that single parents face the challenging juggle of working to support their family, handling household chores, and caring for their children. In the midst of these responsibilities, there’s a risk that childcare and house maintenance might be compromised. Neglecting housekeeping can lead to a dirty and unhygienic environment, which poses risks to the child’s well-being.

Moreover, an unkempt home can attract unwelcome pests like raccoons, squirrels, and even snakes, which can pose serious dangers, especially if a child spends a lot of time on the floor. In such cases, hiring a Snake Removal service can become extremely important in order to remove the slithering reptiles from your property. Therefore, it’s advisable for single parents to explore the option of hiring domestic help to ensure that their homes remain clean, safe, and hygienic, providing a healthier environment for both themselves and their children.

Parents worry that they aren’t being effective at raising their child and they start to doubt their ability to be a good parent. You may even begin to second-guess yourself at some point and doubt your abilities as a parent and spouse.

There is no easy solution to making sure you are a good parent and a good worker while parenting and working at the same time. Raising your child by yourself is a challenge, especially in the early years. But there are things that can be done to dedicate enough time and focus to children. You can hire household staff from portals such as This can make household chores easier to manage on a daily basis. Along with that, you should create a routine that sees efficient utilization of your time with work and life at home. As a result, you will feel like your efforts will be rewarded, and you will have a great opportunity to reconnect while keeping your sanity.

It is important to recognis that the parenting and working mom or dad needs a place to call her own. She needs a platform where she can speak her mind and vent without feeling judgment. This is especially true during the postpartum and pandemic months when everything seems uncertain. It’s normal to be overwhelmed, but when it interferes with your ability to raise your kids, then maybe you need to reassess your plans for parenting and working.

In addition to that, you can hire a nanny or a professional service like live-in caretaker through a company similar to Go Au Pair. You can avail such services to get a young and educated person to take care of your child whilst you’re away working. In this way, you can work worry-free and enjoy remaining time with your child. Moreover, when your child starts school and you feel like you want to be a part of the day-to-day activities, why not take a few minutes and re-connect with your child? Your child will thank you!

Raising a family while juggling a job and a family is never easy. Work life and parenting don’t always mesh well. If parenting and work life aren’t compatible, consider taking a parenting class or becoming an overnight caregiver for a parent in need. You can be an advocate for your child and give them a sense of safety and security. Or, you can simply find a great support system and join a volunteer program.