Preparing for the Big Move

By Elizabeth Summers / March 7, 2018 / No comments
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While moving house is usually something the whole family actually looks forward to, given the nature of the most common reasons to move house, if you don’t quite get it right with the planning and preparation, something which was meant to be a positive step in all your lives could rather turn into an event which makes for a major source of lasting pain. The last time during which you want to find out that one of your kids isn’t quite coping with the new life you’ve built around them is somewhere down the line when you’ve all already made the move.

It’s very difficult to have to deal with a child who is struggling to adapt to their new living environment, especially if that new living environment is meant to be a permanent one in which to see out their childhood. It’s a serious issue, but fortunately it’s one which can be avoided altogether quite easily. It is a matter of having to plan for it in advance though as fixing something which is already broken is much more difficult.

So as part of your preparation for the big move, there are a few things you have to factor in, in addition to the physical logistics.

“Warm up” the new place

I understand it can be quite the challenge doing this if the new place the family is moving to is located all the way across the other side of the country, but it’s an important step to take to “warm the place up” by visiting it a couple of times. It makes for a big psychological signpost and one that is positive too and all you really have to do is visit the property, spend a good amount of time there and breaking it in by painting a visual picture of what’s going to be what. The very best way through which you can do this is by taking all your pets along too, particularly the family cat and just basically camp out a bit, referring to all the rooms in a manner which would otherwise suggest that you’ve already assumed ownership of the home. You know – “Stevie’s room” is indeed Stevie’s room…

If the house is still occupied by the current occupants, I’m sure they won’t mind one or two of such visits, but be sure to arrange things with them before.

Make a road-trip out of the actual move

Many parents justifiably see the arduous task of packing and then actually going on the move as an opportunity to teach their kids a bit of responsibility by roping them in to help with the process, but if you want to make sure to make the move one which is psychologically positive for the imminent adjustment prospects of your kids, leave as much of the work as you can to the professionals. The likes of will take all the fuss out of the hard labour involved, while you and your family should make the final trip something of a road-trip to remember.