Some Memories About Family and Humor

By Elizabeth Summers / August 17, 2021 / No comments
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Do you have kids that say the funniest Things? The things they say are often the things that make you laugh the loudest. When you hear one of your kids making fun of something, whether it is a picture, a game or something else, it makes you laugh to your core and you want to scream. So now you can take pictures of these moments and save them to your “My Kids Say the funniest Things” page on your MySpace, Facebook or other social media site.

Kids say the craziest things. You swear to yourself you will never remember because it’s so hilarious and then the very next day it is gone. Well this is to record all the best quotes you never want to miss – and eventually, it will come in use years down the road when you look back at the words that made you smile. These are some of the best quotes:

If you can hear me say it: “Hey, listen up!” – Ice-T

When I’m lying on a blanket: “Mama just took off her top.” – Ice-T. From a song by Eric Clapton. Now, this is something that really gets to you – especially if you have a little child.

When I am doing laundry: “Why am I always washing my bottom?” –izations by Ice-T. Again, something that gets you rolling. You could also add the caption: “I don’t even wash my bottom anymore.”

When my kids ask: “How come the mailman always puts your mails away?” – A.C. Blues. It’s funny when he says: “Oh, just needed to find a better place to put it.”

When I am cleaning: “Mailman’s going to shred your package!” – Ice-T. He’s not wrong. But it’s what comes out of the mailbox anyway. Kids love this one.

When I’m reading: “Dear Mr. Mulch…I would like to tell you that I think your lawn is so great.” – George Carlin. This is a great line and has a very philosophical quality. Carlin knows his stuff. He doesn’t waste any words or time.

When I am eating: “You know what your little brother likes to do? He eats grass.” – Kevin Pollack. Now, here’s an odd one, but we all remember when our parents would say something like that.

These are just some examples of kids saying the funniest things. They don’t all come from me. In fact most of them were said by my brother. I don’t try to pass any laws in saying that they are funny. Just share them with you. And the next time your kids say the funniest thing, you can feel free to quote their quotes and have a good laugh.