Taking a Day Trip to Alberta Might be Exactly What Your Family Needs to Unwind

By Elizabeth Summers / January 2, 2018 / No comments
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It is impossible not to notice how blessed Alberta is with natural beauty and the power of nature has certainly been busy at work in this part of the world with spectacular mountains and awe-inspiring glaciers to feast your eyes upon.

If you can tear yourself away from the great outdoors the province also delivers a couple of major cities in the province to hold your attention.

So, if you fancy the idea of taking a short trip to Alberta here is a look at some of the things you might want to see and do.

Enjoy the jaw-dropping beauty of Banff

If you don’t have much time to appreciate the amazing scenery on offer in Alberta a good ploy would be to maybe book a stay at somewhere like the Delta Hotels Calgary Airport In-Terminal so that you can enjoy an action-packed itinerary before catching a plane back home.

A popular destination would be Banff National Park, which is an easy drive from Calgary.

Banff can boast having two of the most beautiful lakes you will find anywhere plus there are numerous other photo opportunities as you either take one of the trails or paddle a canoe across the deep blue and crystal-clear waters of Moraine Lake or Lake Louise.

Banff is the perfect day trip destination from Calgary and would be an excellent way to unwind.

A unique glacier experience to enjoy

If you are in search of glaciers you won’t have to wait long to encounter one of the hundred or so that sit along the beautiful stretch of road between Jasper and Lake Louise.

Although there are plenty of glaciers to choose from the star attraction is definitely the Columbia Icefield.

This the largest icefield in the Rockies and you will have the chance to get a bit closer by taking an “Ice Explorer” tour vehicle, or head for the truly unique Glacier Skywalk. The skywalk is a bucket-list moment as you step out onto a glass walkway that makes you feel like you are walking on air and gives you an amazing view of the icefields.

Enjoy an urban adventure

Alberta can also offer you an amazing urban experience if you want to see what this part of the world offers when you head indoors.

West Edmonton Mall is a fine example of what is on offer and is no ordinary shopping mall.

This mall is home to the world’s largest amusement park, an incredible indoor lake, and even a zoo. Not to mention more than 800 shops and hundreds of restaurants to enjoy, making West Edmonton Mall the biggest shopping mall of all in North America.

You could easily spend several days at the mall and not see or do everything that is on offer, so it is a great place to head with the family if you an action-packed an entertaining day or two.

Take a short break in Alberta and you will all return with smiles on your faces.