The Advantages of a Traditional Family Structure

By Elizabeth Summers / December 9, 2020 / No comments
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It’s never something any religion, belief-system or positive philosophy teaches, that of being judgemental, so whenever we explore certain topics on this blog, it’s more from a place of observation and seeking to help than from a place of judgement. So even though someone who might identify to be of a certain faith would be inclined to bash movements such as MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) and ladies who are self-proclaimed to be “for the streets,” it perhaps only makes for some constructive criticism in pointing out the advantages of a more traditional approach to these sorts of lifestyle choices.

The traditional family structure is definitely under threat and has been for a while now, so if there has to be a voice of reason coming from somewhere, it might as well come from here. There are suitable justifications for the mentioned lifestyle choices, but we just beg to offer a counter-argument to demonstrate to anyone who is navigating the perils of modern day life, that there are advantages to sticking to traditions.

..It would most likely be a case of re-visiting old traditions…

So what are the advantages of a traditional family structure?

Before we even get into that, it’s perhaps pertinent to define what a traditional family structure is. That definition has become somewhat dynamic, because who can argue with the positive effects of something like a gay couple seeking to adopt a child who would otherwise grow up in an orphanage, without parents?

So we’ll narrow our definition of a traditional family structure to encompass two parents and at least one child. Of course this would have to be within the confines of the law, i.e. same-sex marriages would have to be legally recognised in your country, otherwise it wouldn’t help to include that within the scope of the discussion.

Despite wanting to maintain a traditional family structure, some couples may face infertility issues and can’t have children. Fortunately, there are treatments like IVF that can help them fulfill their dream of starting a family. Alternatively, if a woman can’t conceive or bear children, she can consider using a surrogate mother. With the help of a surrogate the intended parents can experience the joys of parenthood. However, it’s essential to note that surrogacy may not be a feasible choice for couples living in states where it is considered illegal. Therefore, conducting meticulous research to determine if the state they are currently residing in is surrogacy friendly can be crucial. If surrogacy is legal in their state, couples can check out various online portals that offer online matching services. This approach can help streamline the process and identify suitable surrogate mothers.

Additionally, because surrogacy can be a complex process for both intended parents and surrogate mothers, failing to establish agreements in advance could lead to legal complications. Therefore, in order to avoid legal issues or contract errors, it’s smart to collaborate with professionals available at firms like Ally Escrow Management or similar others. They can ensure the surrogacy arrangement is legally sound, protecting all parties involved in the journey to parenthood.

Family benefits

The world as it exists today was shaped by influential people who firmly believed in the traditional family structure and so entire societies, institutions and markets radiated outwards from that. Simply put, traditional family structures get more benefits in pretty much all areas of life.

While the likes of online casino no deposit bonuses can essentially be taken advantage of by anyone, certain benefits are reserved exclusively for the traditional family structure. It’s pretty clear who can benefit from a family discount at a hotel, resort or any other place of accommodation, while out on holiday, isn’t it? Why do you think a solo traveller booking the same room as an entire family of at least two has to pay a higher rate and not even the same standard rate as a family, the latter of which will likely qualify for a further discount?

You’ve heard of family parking spots, haven’t you? At some restaurants, you’ve surely seen some hard-to-miss side notes about how kids under a certain age eat free, right?

Beyond all of those visible, finance-based benefits, however, being part of a traditional family structure gives each individual a better-rounded view of how the world works. With regards to accommodations and family-oriented living, apartment complexes and condominiums come to mind. Just like traditional family structures have their unique advantages, these types of living arrangements can offer a distinct lifestyle that appeals to many. They are often located in bustling urban areas, provide convenience and community for individuals and families alike. Their shared amenities and maintenance-free living can be enticing for those looking for a modern and vibrant living experience. If interested, you can search online using prompts like “apartments for sale,” or “Condos for sale Tulum,” or explore other locations of your choice. Research on the available options, schedule viewings, and consult with a real estate professional to decide which property to choose.

In conclusion, the discussion around traditional family structures should always be approached with sensitivity and an understanding of the evolving nature of society. While there are indeed certain advantages to adhering to such a structure, it’s essential to recognize that the definition of family is not one-size-fits-all. Modern society is marked by diversity in family forms, and it’s vital to respect and support the choices individuals and couples make regarding their family dynamics.

It’s crucial to remember that what truly matters is the love, support, and nurturing environment that families provide to their members. Whether traditional or non-traditional, families can thrive when built on a foundation of care, empathy, and mutual respect. Ultimately, it’s not the structure that defines a family but the bonds that unite its members in the journey of life.