The Community-Based Approach to Managing Life

By Elizabeth Summers / January 21, 2019 / No comments
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The changes which have come about in the manner through which we manage our lives today are perhaps justified, but when we consider the reasons behind the justification then one cannot help but long for the oft referenced “good old days!” Advances in technology and paradigms have indeed meant that our progress as a society has sped up quite rapidly, but on the other hand this has stripped away at that community-based approach to life which dominated not too long ago.

It would be a colossal task to say the very least, but I truly believe there is a case for us to at least try and move back to that community-based approach, simply because it was just that much more effective. Proof of this resides in a look into the lives of those small pockets of societies within the greater society who still employ this community-based approach, such as some ranchers who have managed to maintain the desert-region farming lifestyle across the deserts of Nevada.

As one of the ranchers, your child could leave in the morning and be gone the entire day, and you wouldn’t be even in the slightest bit worried where they are. You know they’re on one of the farms of the other ranchers who make up one or more of the 20 or so neighbours you have and you know that come lunch-time or dinner-time, all the children hanging out together are getting their fill at whoever’s place they’re hanging. You would set a place for all the kids at your dining room table in the same way, if all the kids were hanging out at your place…

When it comes to economics though, that sense of community has long since been eroded. We’re made to compete with each other instead of working together, whereas if we worked together we could achieve that much more by way of solving the real problems, such as eradicating poverty, reducing illness, etc. We’re made to believe that the quest for a better life or even wealth is one which is to be taken individually, but when it’s time to spend the money we make on entertainment and the likes, then it becomes a collective exercise.

It should be the other way around…

As mentioned though, there are elements of the community-based approach to managing life which are still very much alive and well, such as how you know exactly who to turn to if you required the services of a train accident attorney. Ideally that’s how it should be and that’s how it was in the good old days – every member of the community was known for a specific role they play and they contributed towards the development of the community or at the very least to the maintenance of a good living standard enjoyed by the community.

It all just comes back down to trust and the proven fact that the more people working on a specific cause, the likelier they are to solve the problems identified, much sooner as well.