The great health benefits of tea

By Elizabeth Summers / August 1, 2017 / No comments
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Ever since the discovery of tea in China in 2737 B.C. it has become an integral part of everyday life. New varieties of tea are being developed all the time as researchers discover more and more about its health benefits. From simple green teas to the multitude of herbal and fruit infusions, there is a tea for every palate.

Procuring quality tea leaves might have been a challenge in the past, but not so much these days. With increasing number of reputed online tea suppliers in the market (take Ahmad Tea USA for example), ordering your favorite flavor or type of tea is just a click away. Even health practitioners and herbalists are raving about the benefits tea can have on general overall health. So let’s see what some of these health benefits are.
Heart Health

Tea has an antioxidant effect which aids heart health. Research has shown that a regular intake of black tea has reported a decrease in the incidence of heart attacks. Green tea on the other hand has been associated with lower cholesterol levels.

Tea for Teeth

It seems that tea lowers the pH of the tooth surface. It also lessens the growth of harmful bacteria. That said, bacteria growth can lead to a number of diseases which might then require you to look for something like the best dentist in clearwater fl or nearby places. In order to prevent underlying dental problems, it would be a good idea to take the tea route. Tea also contains natural fluoride which it gets from the soil as the plant grows. This is also a contributing factor to teeth health.


The good thing about tea is the caffeine content is less than half that of coffee. So, if you are worried about too much caffeine in your diet, this may be one way of reducing the amount.


Tea has been shown to boost endurance levels, especially green tea. This is due to the high antioxidant levels.


The antioxidant levels in tea are known to fight cancer in general, but don’t expect it to be a miracle cure. Use it as part of a healthy regime.

Free Radicals

The DNA in our bodies get affected by free radicals and this is what tea can fight as it has a high oxygen radical absorbance capacity. Our bodies are designed to fight free radicals on their own but unfortunately, it is not 100% effective. The worry here is that free radicals are linked to cancer, heart disease, and neurological degeneration, so whatever help is out there, it should be taken. Bring on the tea!


Many of us struggle to get enough liquid into our daily diet as drinking a few liters of water can be tough going at times. Tea can come in handy to add variety and hydrate the body in the process.

Parkinson’s Disease

Studies have linked drinking of tea to lowering the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Of course, smoking, drinking, and poor levels of physical activity also have a part to play but once a healthy lifestyle is maintained, drinking tea can help a lot. Some High-quality Chinese tea could definitely be helpful to sustain a wholesome manner of living!

Green Tea

Green tea has been shown in studies to improve mineral density and strength.


Type 2-diabetes sufferers have seen benefits from drinking green tea. It seems that sugars can be processed easier as a result.


Try to live a healthy life and incorporate a natural tea brand such as Pure Chimp into your everyday routine. As tea is an integral part of our lifestyles here in the west, buy a brand that is 100% natural and you will be sure to get the greatest benefits possible.