The Mind Has a Truly Amazing Learning Ability

By Elizabeth Summers / February 13, 2018 / No comments
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You only have to have children of your own or spend a lot of time in the presence of a rapidly-growing toddler to realise just how much power the mind has in its learning ability. It absorbs so much information so quickly and it does this so naturally that we tend to take it all for granted once reality starts setting in.


The mind’s ability to pick up a language as the very sophisticated medium of communication it is, is indeed remarkable to say the least. This is especially true when one is still but a clumsy toddler – by the time you’re about 3-4 years of age you can pretty much communicate very effectively in any number of languages you’ve been made to come into contact with since you were born. At this stage the mind is in somewhat of a survival mode and so it’s a case of adapting to the new world you find yourself in. Communication through language is a survival tool which the brain adopts very quickly.

It gets harder to learn a new language as you grow because your survival instincts occupy your mind with matters it would deem more pressing, but it’s definitely not impossible and is in fact encouraged for a number of reasons.

Motor-Neuron Functions

Apart from those which we breed so that we can one day lead them to the slaughterhouse and enjoy for a meaty dinner, we tend to have an affinity with other mammals and in some instances, all other animal species and types. At the very least we have a lot of curiosity about them, particularly with regards to the breeding process and how the offspring gets acquainted with and adapts to the brand new world they find themselves in.

Anything small is cute to say the least, even the ugliest of bulldogs and what’s particularly cute about all of these animals and human toddlers is the development of their motor-neuron functions as they clumsily go along and get better and better at basic functions we take for granted. This is nothing but the brain at work, no doubt aided by the constantly testing environment the body it is training is subjected to, such as falling down a few times while learning to walk and enduring the pain of all those little nicks and cuts.


I suppose when one zones in on the mind’s power by looking at its memorisation capabilities, this pretty much encompasses what the mind is all about. Everything that comes together to make up who you are today is nothing more than a collection of all the memories you gathered over the years.

However, as much as we take the power of our minds as demonstrated through its memorisation abilities for granted, that power tends to show up again when we have to go into survival mode. If you found yourself in need of some professional legal assistance, after a significant life event like a car accident for example, a meeting you have with a personal injury lawyer in Suffolk, VA and all its associated details could perhaps be something you can remember to the finest detail.

The impressive power of the mind is fuelled by survival instinct.