The Rise of Vaping

By Elizabeth Summers / July 31, 2017 / No comments
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E-cigarettes have existed for years, but it’s in the past decade or so that vaporisers have truly taken off. Vape shops and bars are an increasingly common sight in shopping centres and across the streets of our country. E-liquids and vaporiser products are now a commonality of modern like, and rank with mobile phones as accessories which aficionados must keep on their person at all times.

Overtaking Cigarettes

With considerable restrictions on traditional smoking across public areas, vape pens are often a more common sight on our streets than cigarettes themselves.

Sales of vaporisers have risen exponentially over the last five years, with the e-cigarette industry cresting $6 billion worldwide in 2015 – over 1500% growth from just six years prior. The United States and United Kingdom are the two largest markets for vaping, with both countries boasting considerable numbers of people converting from traditional cigarettes to e-liquids and atomizers. In part, vaporisers have been so successful due to folks using them as quitting aids – there’s much fierce debate about the effectiveness of vaporisers as cigarette replacements, but what’s certain is that many people are using them for just that. In the same period that vaporiser sales have seen astronomic highs, traditional quitting aids like patches and nicotine gum have seen noticeable dips in sales.
Nevertheless, another popular alternative to smoking that people are also considering is the use of snus. Originally from Sweden, this smokeless tobacco acts as a way to get the same nicotine rush, minus the smoke. People who are inclined to cut out the act of smoking from their lives completely (including the use of vapes) might choose this form of tobacco consumption.

Overtaking Stop-smoking Aids

Vaporisers are more tempting than patches or gum as nicotine replacements for a number of reasons. First off, pens allow you to continue the act of smoking itself, maintaining a common habit while reducing the health risk. Quitters often revert out of boredom, missing the ritualistic aspects of cigarette smoking. Vaping paraphernalia and the construction of atomizers with custom coils allows hobbyists and fidgeters something to do with their hands instead of rolling cigarettes. Vaping also satisfies the all-important social aspect of smoking – vapers can join their smoker friends outside in non-smoking establishments, and there are even vape bars where aficionados can meet up to purchase paraphernalia and discuss the intricacies of vaping.

On top of the initial purchase and e-liquid exploration, seasoned vapers can engage in mods to add a personal touch to their vaping experience.

Mods and Personalisation

Extra purchases and modifications can enhance battery life, improve the taste, produce more voluminous clouds, and even alter technicalities like voltage and wattage. Whatever their tastes, vapers can mess around with their specifications to ensure they get a smoking experience tailored to their needs. Modifications aren’t just technical, however: there’s a huge variety of options for smokers looking to personalise the look of their vaporisers. They can also experiment with different e-liquids, including the strongest cbd vape oil uk or any other kind of flavoured liquid. So, between choosing your favourite flavour and the look of your pen, vaping can be a uniquely personal experience.

Alternatives to Vaping
The number of people switching to vaping is increasing exponentially each day and for good reason. When you can avoid inhaling nicotine that can cause a number of health problems, then why stick to it? Vaping is a great option for anybody on the lookout for switching to a better option than smoking cigarettes. However, not many people know that there are other alternatives to vaping as well. Dabbing, using dab pens, can make for a good example in this regard, especially for those who are into cannabis. These hardware work by heating a cannabis concentrate in order to ‘vaporize’ it. Plus, they work with pure concentrates as opposed to vape pens that require cartridges. Besides these, some people may also use nicotine inhalers, which are only available under the brand name Nicotrol. The device is apparently designed to imitate the act of smoking but is thought to be much less harmful. For many people, this is the main reason why they choose the inhaler over other options.

All of this may seem intimidating to the beginner, so there are a profusion of beginner’s vaping kits available to those considering making the switch to e-liquids. Local stores can also help introduce newcomers to the particulars of vaping, such as cartomizers, drip-tips, and coil-wrapping. Once sufficiently primed, vapers can take to sites such as Cloud Culture to purchase customisation options and maintenance supplies for their vape pens.