Using Mindfulness to Improve Mental Health

By Elizabeth Summers / September 23, 2022 / No comments
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People that suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression, can get a lot from mindfulness practice. Mindfulness is a set of technologies used to help people reconnect with their bodies and the present moment. These practices are simple, and you can benefit from them at any time. Read on for five of the best mindfulness practices and how to use them to improve your mental health.  

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Mindful Breathing 

If you or a family member suffers from stress or anxiety, mindfulness of breathing is the best place to start. Peace and happiness are not located in an abstract past or future; instead, it is located in the present moment. The present moment has always been the home of happiness. 

The best way to reconnect with the present moment is by using the breath. Think of the breath as a tool, a helpful way into using the present moment to your advantage. Breathe in slowly through your nose and become aware of the breathing; allow any anxious feelings to settle. If you’re really struggling to regulate your breathing, you might want to buy cbd gummies to help calm yourself before starting your breathing exercises. If you’re in a calm mind space before starting, mindful breathing will be much more effective.


If you want to improve your mental health visit Dementech for professional neurology or use your concentration. Concentration is the act of paying attention to an object in the world or in yourself, in this case, the in-breath and out-breath. Pay attention to the entire in-breath. 

The in-breath should last for around three or four seconds; this is also the length of time your mindfulness will last for. If you find your mind wandering while you are practicing your breathing, it’s a sign you are not concentrating; instead, return your concentration again to your breath.    

Body Awareness 

Once you have mastered the first two exercises, mindfulness or breathing and concentration, it’s time to take things a step further and practice body awareness. Often, we don’t think about our body because our mind is distracted by everyday stresses, but the body is a gateway to peace. 

When you breathe in, become aware of your body instead of your breathing. In your mind, you can say breathing in, I am aware of my body, and breathing out, I am aware of my body. This practice helps you to become one with your body and helps you to sit with any difficult emotions.  

Releasing Tension 

Tension accumulates in the body because of our lifestyles and thinking habits, but unless we practice mindfulness regularly, the body doesn’t have a chance to release this tension, which can lead to headaches, backaches, and poor mental health in general, so use awareness

You can release tension for your body any time and anywhere; all you have to do is breathe in and breath out each time to become aware of the body and where there is tension stored. Bringing attention to the body in this way helps to release it and improves your wellbeing.    

Walking Meditation 

Mindfulness of walking is a powerful and enjoyable meditation that helps you improve your awareness and connect with the joy of the present moment. As with breathing, you become aware of each step you take and bring your mind home to the aliveness of walking in nature.