Ways to Help Grief: Different Ways to Honour Your Family Member

By Elizabeth Summers / October 22, 2019 / No comments
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There is no single, straightforward way to deal with grief. All we can really say is that it is a very personal thing.

But what is widely acknowledged is the importance of finding ways to honour the memory of a loved one. Somehow, no matter how deep our sense of loss is, the feeling that they are gone but not forgotten helps us to come to terms with our grief.

Again, there is no single way to go about this. For some people, it might be having photographs of their departed family member around the home to serve as a visual reminder. Some might take comfort in talking to the pictures, even writing their loved ones letters to try to express their feelings in words. Sure, nobody will read that, but it is a way of letting the feelings out and finding peace. There are even some people who in order to immortalize the memory of their loved ones, convert their ashes into diamonds. They can wear this piece of diamond in a necklace or ring or can even decorate their favorite artwork with it. Needless to say, different things work for different people. The point is, only you can find what works for you. Just choose whatever lets you release all that pain.

For many people, symbolism is an important part of the process of grieving and remembering. That is why memorials are so important, and have been used by people to honour their dead since the most ancient times. Gravestones, tombs and mausoleums provide a focal point for reflection, a special place to visit and remember, even talk to your loved one.

Such memorials don’t have to be of a particularly large scale. Memorial vases for graves are a popular option, and provide the practical advantage of a convenient place to lay flowers when someone visits to pay their respects. In this sense, graveside vases encourage a sense of renewal, a ritual of returning to honour your family member.

Some people like to take the ritual of laying flowers a step further and extend it into ideas of natural rebirth and renewal. Planting trees is a popular way to keep the memory of someone important evergreen, while others like to create a memorial garden. Again, such places provide a focal point for remembering and to many, the work that goes into creating and tending a garden is itself helpful in coming to terms with grief.

Finally, another option for keeping the memory of a departed family member alive is to get involved with charitable or voluntary work for a cause close to their heart. Whether it is making donations or sparing a little of your time, whatever you can give will provide the satisfaction of doing some good in the world in the name of the loved one you have lost.