Worthy reasons to switch to vaping – Does vaping cause less harm to your health?

By Elizabeth Summers / November 14, 2018 / No comments
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Once you go through the web, you will find several articles which speak about the extreme harm that is caused by smoking tobacco cigarettes. Thanks to more than 7000 chemicals which burn in order to produce the smoke and which are all directly linked to cancer and other fatal diseases. Due to this harm caused to human health, there have been several alternatives like nicotine patches and gums but among them electronic cigarettes have been the most popular alternative. Vaping has become the newest trend among the young generation and among the adults who are trying hard to quit smoking.

Before you choose to get your first vape pen from any online or offline store, it is vital that you go through the reviews posted by customers in sites like e-cigarettereviewsuk.co.uk. Once you get to know what they say, you can base your decisions on their feedback. Here are few reasons to start vaping and bid goodbye to smoking.

#1: E-cigs are free of ash

Vaping usually don’t involve combustion since it works by heating the solution and transforming it into vapour. Since there is no burning involved, there is no ash produced and hence you can bid goodbye to an overflowing ash-tray or the trash can. Hence there will be much less mess to clean and you won’t have much ash to clean from the floor. This means that your home will be lot tidier and cleaner.

#2: Very few chemicals in e-cigs

The smoke of tobacco is packed with several toxins which include 70 carcinogens. If you don’t know much about what constitutes tobacco cigarettes, there are 600 chemicals which include ammonia, tar and carbon monoxide. While e-cigs can sometimes contain nicotine if the user wants, they have lower levels of harmful chemicals if you compare them to regular tobacco cigarettes.

#3: Cost-effective

If you consider just one cartridge, this will give you similar amount of nicotine just as you would find in a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes. Hence, you can easily buy 5 packs of cartridges at a similar cost and hence you can well understand that you can benefit by making the switch.

#4: You get an array of choice

You will get a wide variety of choice as long as choosing e-cigs are concerned and everyday there are new brands appearing everytime. Whenever you switch to electronic cigarettes, you will be open to a world of opportunities.

Therefore, if you’re still wondering about whether or not you should switch to vaping, you can take into account the above listed reasons.